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12 Tips How to Using Windows 10 New Feature

On the article below, we will show you tips and trick how to using Windows 10 new features. We also provides instruction with the pictures about these tips and trick how to use Windows 10 features.

Windows 10 is the latest OS after Windows 8. What makes Windows 10 is eagerly awaited its presence? Many parties are already reviewing the greatness of the latest OS from Microsoft vendors. Some of them show the latest features in Windows 10 that have not been in the previous Windows OS series. Not surprisingly, Windows 10 is improving the features of pre-existing features Since its release in July 2015 many of us new users of Windows 10 feel confused with the new UI (User Interface) in Windows 10 is not even familiar with the basics in Windows 10.

However, for some users of course this kind of thing becomes a challenge in itself to explore more about the new things in Windows 10. In Windows 10 itself many new features such as Multi-desktop, Cortana and the return of Start Menu which was lost in Windows 8. Then From that, the author will explain a few tips and tricks using Windows 10, at least by knowing the basics in Windows 10 to the inside of Windows 10 that may not be known.


The author makes this article with the intention of enriching the science for myself and also the readers on how to use Windows 10 is believed not many readers know it is not even familiar with the basics in Windows 10. The goal for the readers who have not specifically know it can be more Understand the use of Windows 10 (features available).

The benefits can add insight about about information technology, especially about Operating System (OS) in this case that is Windows 10 and tips and tricks to use it. Target for the readers so that later who do not know to know, who already know to know more and understand how to use Windows 10 is and not out of date in the development of Operating System (OS).

Here is the tricks and tips using Windows 10 New Features

Play with New Start Menu

After had disappeared in Windows 8, now the new Start Menu comes in Windows 10, if seen, the Start Menu is like a combination of Windows 8 and Windows 7. We also can see the Popular Applications or new applications installed through this Start Menu.

using windows 10

New Start Menu Windows 10

Changing the Start Menu Size As you please

We can resize the Start Menu size in Windows 10, by sliding each corner from the Start Menu. You can also restore the Start Menu to Full Screen Windows 8.

using windows 10

change start menu size

Non-Enable Live Tiles in the Start Menu

If we ever use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 of course we are familiar and accustomed to Live Tiles. Similarly in Windows 10, we can also disable this feature if you do not like it.

using windows 10

disable live tiles

Removing Tiles / Thumbnails in the Start Menu

If we feel the default Windows 10 app is not very useful and just full-fill the Start Menu, we can delete these applications and replace them with applications that we often use it.

using windows 10

remove tiles thumbnail

Move and Resize Tiles / Thumbnails in the Start Menu

If we ever use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 of course things like this has become commonplace.

using windows 10

move and resize tiles

Shut down and Restart button is on the Start Menu

If you have trouble finding the Shut down and Restart button in Windows 8. Instead, in Windows 10 you will easily find the button, just open the Start Menu, then there will be a Power button there.

using windows 10

shutdown and restart button

Pin Applications into the Start Menu

As computer users, we have a lot of applications installed. Unfortunately, not every time we use all these applications, most only some of the applications we use often, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or even Skype and Yahoo Messenger!

using windows 10

pin to start menu

Quick Actions Toggles

Almost similar to Android, Windows 10 also provides their own version of toggle. If we use a Notebook that has WiFi or Bluetooth, of course the number of toggles alone will multiply.

using windows 10

quick actions toggles

From password switch to PIN

In Windows 10 itself will be more optimal if you connect it with a Microsoft account. It’s just not very practical if every login to Windows should enter a password continue. Instead, you can use PIN, great again This PIN does not need to press “Enter” key. But make sure we have signed in to the Windows account before using the PIN.

using windows 10

create pin for windows 10

Multiple Desktop

Features that can be regarded as the most interesting feature in Windows 10, namely Multi desktop. With this feature, you can not only share and differentiate applications on each desktop, but almost like having many different users but still connecting quickly.

using windows 10

multiple desktop

Move Between Desktop

We can switch between Desktop 1 to Desktop 2 in an easy way, simply by pressing the Task View button, at the bottom there are some Desktop that appears, you can also add Desktop by pressing “New” button on the right.

using windows 10

move between desktop

Full Screen Start Menu

Although Windows 10 comes with a refreshed Start Menu, they still do not get rid of Start Menu with full screen style. The proof, you can still activate the Start Menu in full screen. Go to Personalization> Start> (Check) Use Start full screen.

using windows 10

full screen start menu Windows 10

The result will be as follows

using windows 10

full screen windows 10

After seeing the tips and tricks above, Windows 10 is more interesting than Windows 8. More simple in appearance, can be arranged in accordance with the wishes of each user and easier in using it. The more interesting features of Windows 8, making Windows 10 is now widely used, especially by young people who are aware of technology. Continue to update the Windows Operating System indicates that the technology, especially in the field of Operating System growing even advanced. Not close the possibility along with the development of technology operating system, then Windows will continue to update other new versions. Who knows then there will be Windows 11 which has more advantages and varies compared to this version of Windows 10.

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