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2 Quick Way Open Slideshow Presentation on PowerPoint

After creating a new slide presentation using presentation software, then open it and show in slideshow presentation. How to quickly open slide presentation in slideshow?

There are top ten of slideshow presentation software, including:

In here, we will show you two quick and easy, fast way to open slideshow presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is one software or program that can be utilized by many people for purpose to presenting documents, videos, music videos, statistics tables, pictures and so forth in the form of PowerPoint document files. After a PowerPoint document or file is created by adding text documents, images, tables, graphics, videos, music videos or other things to be presented such as animation settings then the next is presenting it to the audience in the form of slideshow presentation.

How to easily and quickly display and show slideshow presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint files?

Trick number 1:
  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint program
  • Open your PowerPoint file you want to presented
  • Press F5 key on your keyboard
slideshow presentation

f5 key

Trick number 2:

Click on the Bottom Bar image that says Slide Show. As in the picture below;

slideshow presentation

slideshow bar

After you press the F5 key on the keyboard or the button on the bottom bar that says Slide Show, immediately the PowerPoint file will appear in slideshow presentation.

slideshow presentation


That’s a tips and trick working with PowerPoint Presentation about Easy, fast and quick way to open or Displays a Slideshow Presentation with PowerPoint From Microsoft Software. If you have experience any tips or trick about others presentation software, please share it here.

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