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Account Action Required Solved and Fix 100%

Once upon a time, the author encounters android with notification error Account Action Required. This notification appears when android is turned on and this notification can not be deleted or clear.

Here’s an image error message

account action required


What causes Account Action Required Solved issues

After a while watching, it turns out the cause of the problem is there are more than one Google account on the android device. And each account asks to synchronize with android devices. More than one Google account, this causes the Account Action Required message when android is turned on and will always ask for synchronization.

How to resolve Account Action Required?

Here are tips and tricks to fix and solved Account Action Required notifications. The following tricks we have tested and the result is working 100% to overcome the above error problem. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on your android
  • Log in settings
account action required


  • Accounts & Sync
account action required

account and sync

  • Google
account action required

Google Account

  • Select the account that caused the error message
account action required

choose error account

  • Press the top right corner menu so that it appears 2 options: Sync now, Remove Account
  • Select Remove Account
account action required

Remove Google Account

  • Done

Note: if there are 2 accounts in android notification, then you can delete these account that caused the problem as in the steps above.

account action required

Remove another google account

Do not delete the primary account

After all accounts that make an error are deleted, then directly and automatically the error message Account Action Required will no longer appear. Congratulations, you are free from unnecessary error notifications.

The above error message is not so important, but for me this is very annoying. Due to the above error, the following may occur:

  1. It causes an uncomfortable view, because this message always appears on the notification and can not be deleted or cleared
  2. Will also aggravate the android performance
  3. Increase RAM usage
  4. Quickly drain the battery

After perform step by step above, now your error notification message is gone and you can enjoy using your android.

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