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Add Custom Paper Sizes on Printer Device

By default Paper sizes in a document will depend largely on the type of printer device used. The number of paper sizes will be displayed in the printer when printing documents using the printer device.

But what if the paper size that we use in the document is not displayed on the printer when printing a document? Which means paper available is not available on certain printer types.

In the description at the above situation, then we can add your own paper size according to paper size that we use.

Below, we will present tips on how to add your own paper size so that the printout will fit with the size of the paper we use.

Step by step adding custom paper sizes on printer device

Below are the step by step to add your own paper size. However, on this occasion we will add F4 paper size on printer Epson L310. Check carefully the sequence of step by step below:

The First way Adding custom paper size on printer device

  • Open your document (Excel document, word, powerpoint, coreldraw, photoshop or other document.
  • Do the printing command (CTRL + P) or File> Print
  • Click Printer Properties

printer properties

  • Main> Document Size> User-Defined

user defined paper sizes

  • Change unit, change paper width and paper height, define Paper size name

folio paper sizes

  • Save> OK
  • See the result

f4 paper sizes

The second way add custom paper through printer properties

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Hardware and Sound
  • Device and Printers
  • Select the printer you are using
  • Right-click the printer> Printer Preferences

printer preferences

  • Next follow steps 4 – 7 as in the first way

By adding new paper sizes to the printer, you can print your document according to the size of the paper you purchased.

You can add as much paper sizes to the printer device as possible. All you need is a standard paper size that you will insert into your printer device.

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