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Add Icon Shortcut on Windows 8 Operating System

Not all installed programs on the computer or laptop provide facilities or add icon shortcut on the desktop. However, we can add new icon shortcut manually and place it on the desktop so that the icon shortcut of the programs appears on your desktop screen.

Shortcut icons of a program will greatly help simplify you in opening applications or programs that are installed on the computer.

On Windows 8 operating system has a different look. And by default, windows 8 display does not display the start menu program. This condition, for new computer users, may be difficult in adding new shortcuts icon from programs that have no shortcut on the desktop.

How to Add Icon Shortcut on Windows 8

Below, we will give tips on how to Add Icon Shortcut on Windows 8 Operating System. Step by step to add shortcut icon of the installed application program is as follows:

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Shown the main screen Start Windows 8 (press Start button on your keyboard)
  • Choose the program you want to add the shortcut icon on the desktop. See below picture
  • Scroll and point your cursor over one of the programs
  • Right click on one of the programs, until a check mark (check). In the example, is the Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • View the bottom panel and select Open file location
start windows 8

Start Windows 8

  • Show location of the program shortcut
  • Right click on the application program shortcut
  • Send to
  • Select Desktop (create Shortcut)
add icon shortcut

Send to

  • View the results on the desktop by pressing the Start + D button simultaneously. More details see the picture below.
add icon shortcut


That’s are step by step how to add new shortcut icon on windows 8 which is accompanied by demonstration pictures.

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You can also add other shortcuts from programs that have not yet appeared on the desktop easily using the steps above.

Hopefully tips or tricks add new shortcut icon on Windows 8 operating system above can help new users on using Windows 8 operating system.

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