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Automatically Auto Hides Ribbon in Microsoft Office

How to Auto hide Ribbon on Microsoft Office Application (Word, Excel and PowerPoint Software)? In the latest version of Microsoft Office, there are new features such as Ribbon. Ribbon serves to collect and display the commands or functions owned by applications in Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint. By default this Ribbon Feature is visible in the upper right corner window.

auto hide ribbon

Default Ribbon

However, some users may argue that the existence of the Ribbon interferes, as it takes up space or work areas, for example when Using PowerPoint Office for designing a presentation slide. If so, keep it hidden automatically.

Here are tips can trick on Microsoft Office especially PowerPoint, how to hide Ribbon. These tips and tricks you can apply also to Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel.

Follow the following steps to Auto hide Ribbon

The trick is as follows:

  • Open Microsoft Office app (Word, Excel or PowerPoint)
  • Look in the top right corner
  • Click the small triangle in the top right corner window.
  • Choose Auto Hide Ribbon.
auto hide ribbon

auto hide ribbon

  • Done

That’s a little tips and little tricks to hide the Ribbon in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once you hide the Ribbon, then the work area on your Microsoft Office is wider. good luck.

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