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Disable and Enable Auto Update Apps Android

By default Google Play Store will automatically update apps and games when connected with WIFI (Auto update apps android). This is for some people often annoying, for several reasons. For example the storage space on android is not enough, or reduce the speed of access to the internet.

We can make an settings on this feature, to enable or disable Auto update apps android according to our wishes. How to set it up? Please see our explanation below.

How to disable Auto update apps android or smartphone?

The setting is very easy. We just need to change the configuration on the Google Play Store apps in the Auto-update apps section. Here are the step by step.

  • Turn off your Wifi access (optional)
  • Open the Google Play Store App
play store apps

play store

  • Click on the Slider menu (in the upper right corner of the Play Store app
slider menu play store

slider menu play store

  • Select Settings
settings play store


  • Auto-update apps
auto update feature

auto update feature

  • Select Do not auto-update apps
auto update apps android

do not auto update

  • Return to main menu
  • Finish
  • Run your WIFI connection

That’s the setting to disable the Auto update apps android feature on android and smartphone. After this setting, then when you connected to the WIFI, then all apps and games will not do automatic updates.

Note: In this Auto update apps setting, we use Asus Zenfone C android device. Which feature of Auto-update there are three setting options. Namely as follows:

  • Do not auto-update apps: this setting will result in all apps and games installed will not update automatically when connected to the internet.
  • Auto-update apps at any time. Data Charges may apply. The settings like has impact for all applications and games installed will update automatically when connected to the internet that uses data packets
  • Auto-update apps over WI-FI only. This setting will allow all games and apps to update automatically when connected to the WIFI internet. This is the default setting.

That’s a little tips about disable and enable features Auto update android apps on android and smartphone. Hopefully these tips are useful for you to save the internet resources you use. I hope this helps

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