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Solved: Bad Pool Header Windows 7 Blue Screen

Bad pool header on Windows 7. One day, a friend came with a computer Windows 7 operating system having a blue screen error: Bad_Pool_Header, Stop: 0x00000019 (0x00000000000020, 0x0000000004020009) Collecting data for crash dump … initializing disk for crash dump.

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The signs that appear on the computer are as follows:

  • Computer can boot well.
  • Shortly after the computer turn on running Windows, then in a few minutes appears on the screen as shown below.
bad pool header

Error Display Monitor

bad pool header

blue screen

bad pool header

dumping error on bad pool header

  • Then restart and reboot immediately.

The above error can happened both on a computer or laptop.  What exactly is the problem going on?
For problem on Bad Pool Header with blue screen, I do some test as follows:

  • Running the computer using Safe Mode, and the result is computer can run normally.
  • Checking the computer’s RAM using BIOS tools, the result is the RAM is in good condition.
  • Checking on Hard disk Drive, disk in normal condition and no bad sectors or also error on master boot record.

From the above test, we conclude the blue screen error in the above conditions, is caused by the conflict between hardware and software. This could have been due:

  • Human error, eg deleted of the existence of an important file on system that run certain hardware.
  • Or it could also be due to malware or virus attacks that damage some files on the hardware system.
  • Because the software driver install process is not perfect or wrong.

How to solve the bad pool header and blue screen error?

Here is a solution to solve the problem of conflict between hardware and software and causing blue screen and Bad_Pool_Header error code on the monitor.

The fix is ​​very easy, namely to re-install Windows 7 and reinstall all hardware drivers properly.

The Solution to fix and solved the blue screen with error messages as shown above by reinstalling windows operating system we have proved. And the problem can be solved well. Computer can run normally and does not happen blue screen and Bad_Pool_Header message on screen.

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