The Best Fruit for Women During Pregnancy

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The Best Fruit for Women During Pregnancy

What are the best fruit for pregnant woman? Certain fruits are very good for consumption during pregnancy. What kind of fruit is meant? Always eating healthy foods during pregnancy is a very important action. Well, one of the healthy foods that are recommended for consumption during pregnancy is the fruit.

The Best fruit for pregnant Woman

Fruit is proven to help pregnant women get additional nutrients to support the growth of fetus in the womb. Some of the fruits that you can make a choice, include:

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Mango: All essential nutrients for pregnant women can be obtained from mangoes. This fruit is rich in iron, vitamin C, A, B6, potassium, and folate.

Bananas: Banana is a fruit that you should consume regularly during pregnancy. This is because bananas contain potassium which can help keep the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Not only that, the yellow is also effective to eliminate cramps and fatigue, you know.

Avocado: Folate content in avocado is believed to support the development of brain and spinal cord of the fetus, thus preventing birth defects.

Orange: Oranges contain vitamin C, folate, and fiber, all of which are well consumed by women who are pregnant. In addition, the fruit also contains plenty of water to help keep the body hydrated.

Cherries: In addition to containing lots of vitamin C, cherries are also a great fruit to help increase blood supply to the placenta and the baby. In addition, this fruit also contains melatonin, a hormone that stimulates cell growth, and helps to sleep.

In some cases, pregnant women experience problems with anxiety and can not sleep well. However, by eating the cherries, anxiety and sleep disorders can be resolved.

Watermelon: The body’s need for water will increase as you enter your pregnancy. Therefore, eating watermelon is a good way to keep the body hydrated. In addition, watermelon is also believed to reduce muscle cramps as you enter the final trimester of pregnancy.

Apple: Some studies show that eating apples during pregnancy can reduce the risk of allergies in infants when born later. In addition, this fruit is also well known for the immune system, as well as rich in vitamins C, A, E, D, and zinc.

Looking at the benefits, you are encouraged to include the fruit into your daily intake during pregnancy. Remember not to over-consume.

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