Best Soap Suitable Skin Type, How to Choose it?

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Best Soap Suitable Skin Type, How to Choose it?

Which is the best soap that fits and suitable for your skin type? There are so many types and brands of the soap available on the market. However, all these products are not necessarily the best product for your skin type.

Choose the best soap according to skin type

Already we pointed out above, that not all soap products suitable for all skin types. So, when you choose the right soap, it will damage the skin, making the skin becomes dull and irritated.

Therefore, before you choose and then buy soap it would be nice you first recognize your skin type. Below are some guide tips for choosing the best soap according to skin type.

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For Dry Skin Type

Dry skin type generally marked with signs as follows:

  • The presence of fine scales on the skin.
  • Tightness like attracted to the skin after bathing
  • Sometimes even appear and or appears itchy skin.

For dry skin types, the best soap you can choose is soap containing moisturizer. To keep the skin from getting dry, it is advisable and it is recommended to take a bath twice a day using a gentle cleanser and do not contain many detergents.

Moisturizing soap besides useful for cleansing the skin, moisturizing soap will leave a moisturizing coating on the surface of your skin. In addition, moisturizing soap does not cause a sense of rigid after rinsing.

For blotchy skin type

For acne skin types, use foamy, non-comedogenic, oil-free (foamy) soaps and contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The content of these useful substances can help reduce acne.

Clean your body or face by using the soap type 2-3 times a day.

Sensitive Skin Types

In sensitive skin will easily experience irritation marked by flushing on the skin. Therefore, you should avoid contact with soap too often. If your activity is normal and not too extreme, you simply clean your skin once a day

To keep your sensitive skin healthy, you should not use any cleaning products or soaps containing alcohol or perfumes.

In sensitive skin types it is recommended to use a moisturizing soap. This type of moisturizing soap can help improve the self-defense of sensitive skin.

Hopefully with the description above, you can choose the best soap that suits your skin type. With the best choice of soap suitable and appropriate, then your skin will always be soft, beautiful and of course always healthy.

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