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26 06, 2018

Full Check and FIx Error Hard Drive Volume using CHKDSK

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There are many utility tools on Windows operating system, on of the is CHKDSK. This tool utility called CHKDSK ("check disk"), this tool is very useful for windows users to detect and repair when the hard disk partition. In addition, by checking the disk periodically, it will also be able to remove damaged hard drive [...]

24 06, 2018

Delete Trash Files, Temporary Files Without Software

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How to clean up, remove, delete trash files, temporary files or junk files on your computer or laptop needs to be learned by laptop or computer users. This is important, because it will be related to how to care for the computer or laptop itself, where one of them is to clean up junk files [...]

5 06, 2018

3 Fastest Ways Open the Calculator Application in Windows

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Did you know that we can run the calculator application on the computer. So when we are in front of the computer screen and do not carry a calculator, then we can use the calculator application on the computer to perform various activities related to the calculator. Calculators or in the field of mathematics often [...]

4 06, 2018

Perfect and Work 100%, How to Disable USB Ports Flash Drive

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Disable USB Ports on a USB Flash drive can work important for the security of your computer or laptop. Why is that? When your computer does not use antivirus software, then when you plug in a USB flash disk drive on your computer, if the USB Flash drive is contain a virus will be able [...]

29 05, 2018

Perfect, Create New Partition in Windows without Software

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How do I create new partition directly on Windows? You can easily create new partitions directly on Windows even at the same time Windows is still running. How to do it? Create New partition Directly while Windows Run. When the computer is already installed Windows with some existing partitions and you want to add a [...]

24 05, 2018

Running Alarm and Stopwatch in Windows 10

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Running alarm and stopwatch on Computer. Have you ever heard of a horn? We think everyone knows it. The horn is an example of an alarm. If so, what is an alarm definition? Alarm is a warning sound or notice when there is a decrease or failure in the delivery of data communication signal or [...]

19 05, 2018

Stopping Not Responding Application with Task Manager

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Have you experienced Not Responding to the process of an application. Because of something like an application program that is too heavy to work, an error in the application program running applications can experience Not Responding program application. What can we do? When a process of an application experiences Not Responding you can forcibly stopping [...]

26 04, 2018

Show The Windows Preview Pane on Windows Explorer

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How to show Windows preview pane on Windows File Explorer? Windows file Explorer or more easily we call it with Windows Explorer. Is one of the software applications that are an integrated part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows Explorer for users of windows computers can be used to access the file system, either [...]

25 04, 2018

Most Keyboard Shortcuts Computer for Everyday Use

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Using keyboard shortcuts when in front computer will be much more efficient, save time and also energy then by using the manual that is using the mouse. Imagine, using keyboard shortcuts and you can save 1 step, and make each day in front of the computer with the same job. Then you will save much [...]

24 04, 2018

Fast Access to All Windows Properties Using RUN Commands

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Understanding about Run Commands. Run Applications on Windows intended for Program or Applications using Commands or Comments. Next Run on this discussion we called as RUN commands. Because with these tools can be used to open or call all features programs or applications that exist on the Windows computer. Well, after this we will give [...]