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7 02, 2018

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections with Natural Ingredients

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Urinary tract infections are more common in women. This is due to the close distance between the anus and the urethra. This infection in addition to causing hot and sore when urinating, if not treated properly and left alone can result in fever to pain in the pelvis. There are several treatments that can be [...]

27 01, 2018

Get Closer to the Symptoms of Diphtheria Disease

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What are the exact signs and symptoms of diphtheria disease? Diphtheria is an infectious disease caused by Coryne bacterium diphtheriae. These bacteria spread through three routes, namely sneezing and contamination of personal items (if using a glass of unsaved patients). Diphtheria can also be transmitted through contamination of household goods (usually through simultaneous goods, such [...]

30 12, 2017

Knee Pain Causes, Knee Pain Not Sure Osteoarthritis

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All the time knee pain causes often associated with Osteoarthritis, especially if complained by those who are getting old. It is true that osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain. However, it usually only occurs in certain age groups. The most common age group suffering of Osteoarthritis is age above 50 [...]