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7 09, 2017

How to Edit Pdf Files with Perfect Pdf Editor

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The pdf file can be edited in accordance with our wishes. How to edit pdf files of course not easy. There are some provisions that must be met to be able to edit pdf files, some terms and conditions are as follows: The pdf file is searchable pdf file. Which means that this file is [...]

22 08, 2017

Make Text in the Middle on Word Table

2017-08-22T03:11:01+00:00 Categories: Office Tips|1 Comment

How to make text in the middle of Microsoft Word table? Creating tables can be done in various ways, either using word processing software or better known as Microsoft Office Word or a number-processing application program or known as Microsoft Office Excel or can also use other software applications. However, on this articles we will [...]

28 07, 2017

Fix; Its time to reset the ink level on Epson L350

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One day while printing document using Epson l350 printer, there are error occurred and shown an message "Its time to reset the ink level", so we can not print the document. How to solve the error with "Its time to reset the ink level" message? Here's a solution to resolve the above error on Epson [...]

12 07, 2017

Scan document using Epson L220 Scanner

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There are many way how to scan document, including how to scan a document using Epson L220 Printer and scanner. The Epson L220 printer series is a printer device from the Epson company. This Epson printer starts in 2015, more faster than the previous, and built-in CISS system, multi-function printer that can be used for [...]

15 04, 2017

How to Page Setup Document in F4 Paper

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Some of printers device can’t automatically detect all size of paper size that are available on your office. For example, in your office, the size of paper that are available to be used for printing the document are f4 paper size, but your printer not shown automatically the f4 paper size. Here are the window [...]