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7 09, 2017

A Quick Way to Move Slide Presentation Document

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Open and move slide presentation document with many slide document are opened can be very confusing. In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can open more than one or several different presentation slide documents. Let's say, in a presentation or working with PowerPoint to design slide presentation, you may need more than one presentation slide to open. So [...]

3 09, 2017

Convert Powerpoint to Video in PowerPoint

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After you create a presentation slide with Microsoft PowerPoint, you can convert the presentation slides to video (convert PowerPoint to Video). By making the presentation slides as a video, the presentation slides can be presented via non-computer audio visual media, such as an autorun CD or DVD Player. In this demonstration, we use Microsoft Office [...]

27 08, 2017

Automatically Auto Hides Ribbon in Microsoft Office

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How to Auto hide Ribbon on Microsoft Office Application (Word, Excel and PowerPoint Software)? In the latest version of Microsoft Office, there are new features such as Ribbon. Ribbon serves to collect and display the commands or functions owned by applications in Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint. By default this Ribbon Feature is visible in the [...]

27 08, 2017

Change the Quick Access Toolbar Position

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Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Office PowerPoint serves as a place of important icons with the aim that you can execute certain commands quickly. An example is for example you will open or save a document. By default, this Toolbar position is above the ribbon. But, you can move its position to the bottom of [...]

26 08, 2017

PowerPoint; Checking Non Compatible Features

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How to Checking Non Compatible Features Not Powered by Old PowerPoint Version?. You have the option to save the slide of a PowerPoint presentation to an older format or version. But beware, there are some features in the latest version that can not be saved properly if you choose the old version of storage. To [...]

14 08, 2017

Open PowerPoint protected view For View Only

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Why we should Open PowerPoint protected view For View Only? Often, presentation slide files only need to be opened but not To be edited, either intentionally or unintentionally. In order to prevent The occurrence of unintentional edits, then you can Open the file in the way as below. Here are tips and tricks to open [...]

9 08, 2017

Create, Save PPT to PDF File in PowerPoint

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Why should you change, save as PPT to PDF? By using a PDF version of the file from the slide presentation you created using PowerPoint, you can disseminate presentation slides online safely, and can not be edited carelessly, and practically. For that reason you should change or save as PPT to PDF file. How to [...]

8 08, 2017

Saving Presentation Slide Files In Small Size

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How to make and saving presentation slide file in small size? Presentation files that involving and containing multimedia data such as video and Audio music generally has a large file size. And in one Side, you only carry and have a small USB Flash Disk. If you have Like this, you can reduce the size [...]

2 08, 2017

2 Quick Way Open Slideshow Presentation on PowerPoint

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After creating a new slide presentation using presentation software, then open it and show in slideshow presentation. How to quickly open slide presentation in slideshow? There are top ten of slideshow presentation software, including: Microsoft PowerPoint Prezi Presentation Software Apple Keynote Presentation Software Google Slides Presentation Software Haiku Deck Zuru Presentation Software SlideRocket Presentation Software [...]