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Change Brightness Screen on Asus Zenfone

Brightness screen on the phone display that too bright can disturb the eyes. Also the display of brightness screen on your android phone that is too dark will be able to cause the phone screen looks dark and can not see what is displayed on the android screen phone. How to set or change brightness screen on android phone screen?

This is a bit of tips to adjust the brightness screen or display screen on the android pone. On this occasion phone that we are used as an example is to set the brightness display on Asus Zenfone C (Asus _Z007)

Step by step how to setting up or change brightness screen on Asus Z007

  • Turn on your phone
  • Sign in on the main screen

change brightness screen

  • Go to the settings menu
change brightness screen

setting up system

  • Select and click Display
change brightness screen

display brightness

  • Brightness
change brightness screen

brightness setting

  • Change Display Brightness as you like by shifting the button to the right or left as you wish
change brightness screen

change brightness

This brightness screen display on android phone, very helpful for you when you are on the outdoors room. Display brightness setting settings are also useful to save your battery phone. More dark brightness screen, than more the battery will last longer.

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