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Easy Way; Change User Name Windows 8

A little about Change User Name Windows  8. Sometimes we buy a computer that has Windows installed with a user account that may be different from the owner’s name. The user account on windows means showing the user name of the computer. For personal user account can be a pleasure of its own, because this user account information will be displayed on screen monitor when login in Windows.

Why do you need to Change User Name Windows?

There are several benefits that you can get by changing your account username:

  • Your data will be stored in a separate folder
  • Become a pleasure of its own, because your name will be integrated in computer system
  • Inserting a personal photo on the user account
  • For the purposes of data security.
  • Facilitate searching of documents based on user account

How to change your Account username in Windows 8

The following are simple tips for changing the User Account Name in Windows 8

  • Open the control panel. To get into the control panel, you can do it in several ways:

Point your shortcut at the top right corner / bottom, or with keyboard shortcut combination of Start + C button

Select the settings menu

Change User Name Windows 8

charm Bar

Select Control Panel

change user name windows

Control Panel

  • Look at the User Account and Family Safety
  • Choose Change account type
change user name windows

User Account

  • Select your account
change user name windows

select user account

  • Change the account name
  • Write your new user account name
  • Click on the Change name button
change user name windows

Write Name

With the above steps, then you have changed the user account name on windows 8 in accordance with your wishes. To see the results, you may need to restart your computer. See the results when the first time your computer started life by booting on windows.

You need to know, in windows 8 beside you can change the user account name, you can also add other user account or other user besides you, can change user account password, add photo as password to login and many much more you can do to modify control panel specifically for User Account and Family Safety.

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