How to Change Windows OEM Logo after Reinstall Windows

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How to Change Windows OEM Logo after Reinstall Windows

Generally, most Windows operating systems that are installed on a computer or laptop do not integrate the Windows oem logo. Display Windows oem logo, you can see in the following way:

right-click My Computer -> Properties.

Then we can see an information that displays, the type of operating system used, RAM specifications, type of processor, along with Windows oem logo and others.

Windows OEM Logo

Hp Laptop no Windows OEM Logo

However, when we buy a laptop or personal computer that already includes Windows original. Then there is additional information in the form of details of the manufacturer’s name Notebook or computer is accompanied by a company logo located on the right side as seen as the picture above.

Details of that information are called OEM logo. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a company that produces products or components that are then purchased by other companies or retailers using the trademarks of the buyer’s company. Or to say, the original product is marketed by a brand, but its production is purchased and sold by other companies / producers.

However, if we do re-install. So usually OEM this logo can not appear in system properties. Actually this is not a serious problem. But if there is a manufacturing name and OEM logo is displayed on the system properties, then the information about your computer will look more complete.

For that, here are tips and tricks to add OEM logo without software. In the example below we demonstrated it on the Windows 8 operating system installed on Hewlett Packard Development Company (HP)

Here’s how to How to Change Windows OEM logo in detail:

  • Prepare a logo image of Laptop or computer brand with * .BMP format with size 200×200 pixel.

You can also use certain images as you like to be used as OEM logo from laptop or computer, of course with the condition of * .BMP format and 200×200 pixel size.

  • Save the image in drive: C:\Windows\system32 with OEMLogo name
windows oem logo


  • Then open Registry Editor. By pressing the Start + R key on the keyboard and typing in the Run Box “Regedit” without the quotation mark Enter.
windows oem logo


  • In left panel open key:


  • Then in right panel add value By right click on empty area -> New -> String Value.
windows oem logo

New string value

  • Then the name will appear New Value # 1. Rename the value with Logo name, then double click the value and fill the value of the data with C:\\Windows\system32\OEMLogo.bmp and click OK.
windows oem logo

Adding value data

You can also add value with Manufacturer name, Product model, Support URL link name, and others in the same way as in step no..

  • If you have finished it. Now open system properties again in your Windows. And see the results.
windows oem logo

Windows with OEM Logo

With the above trick. Then you can customize the Windows system properties information as you like without using any additional applications. May be useful..

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