Full Check and FIx Error Hard Drive Volume using CHKDSK

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Full Check and FIx Error Hard Drive Volume using CHKDSK

There are many utility tools on Windows operating system, on of the is CHKDSK. This tool utility called CHKDSK (“check disk”), this tool is very useful for windows users to detect and repair when the hard disk partition. In addition, by checking the disk periodically, it will also be able to remove damaged hard drive and fix errors that occur on the hard disk.

Checking your hard drive partition to do regularly to find out and repair damage to the hard disk drive. This you can do independently without having to go to a computer by using the Windows tools utility on the Windows operating system.

How to Check partition using CHKDSK in Windows 7 and old version of Windows?

In Windows 7 and earlier versions, CHKDSK or check the partition disk in full or full check you can access easily through the following steps:

check disk partition windows 7

check disk partition windows 7

How to perform full CHKDSK in Windows 8 and the latest of Windows Version?

However, in Windows 8, the above compilation steps are performed, it will only check the hard disk partitions not perfectly to fix errors or errors on the volume. How to CHKDSK tool utility on Windows 8 and later versions of Windows to check hard disk partition completely and fix errors on hard disk drive?

How to check the full partition of hard disk drive and fix errors in Windows 8

  • go to Desktop by pressing Start (Windows) key on your Keyboard
start menu folder windows 10

start menu folder

  • Type in the keyword “CMD” without quotation marks
  • Appears the result of a searching, right click on Command Prompt
command prompt

search cmd (command prompt)

  • Select Run as Administrator
charm bar

charm bar search cmd (command prompt)

  • Appears Command Prompt window (CMD)
  • ┬áType the command as the following example “chkdsk D: / f / r / x” without quotation marks.
  • Press enter to execute Check Disk execution in Windows 8

syntax chkdsk using command prompt


  • CHKDSK: command to perform a disk check
  • D = drive letter name to be checked
  • L = the name of the drive letter
  • F = parameter used for CHKDSK to fix found error.
  • R = is the parameter used for CHKDSK to search for bad sectors on the drive and return readable information.
  • X = parameter used for drive to drop before process starts. Additional parameters are available for more specific tasks, and detailed on the Microsoft TechNet site.

Note that, Check disk partition command must be able to lock the drive, the command for CHKDSK to check the partition on the hard disk drive is not possible on the computer’s boot drive system.

Thus, I will perform the command check disk drive on C partition (system) with command “chkdsk C: / f / r / x”, then computer will do CHKDSK command after you restart computer. This is as, the Check disk command will be able to allow to access the full hard disk partition.

chkdsk on drive C

check disk on drive C

Checking this hard disk can give a long time. This depends on the small capacity of the hard disk drive partition. The larger the volume or capacity of a partition, the longer the process of checking the hard disk drive partition.

The CHKDSK command is available in all versions of Windows, and they can perform the above steps to start scanning their hard drive. In the case of older versions of Windows, users can sign in to Command Prompt by going to Start> Run and typing “cmd”.

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