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Tricks and Tips Computer health and safety

Computer health and safety will certainly have a big impact on you, especially on your health. With a healthy computing, will avoid yourself from various disease risks and other health disorders.

For example health disorders in the eyes because too long in front of the computer. Other examples include sitting position that is too long and not in accordance with ergonomic rules such as disorders of the digestive tract difficult bowel movements, urinary tract disorders in the kidney, and various other disorders.

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computer health and safety


  • Use a chair that can be dynamically adjustable high and low his back.
  • The position of the topmost monitor is at least 5-8 cm above the eye’s point of view.
  • To avoid glare effects from the monitor screen, use an anti-glare filter or shield.
  • Sit at a distance of about a hand span from the monitor.
  • Feet should be able to step on the floor or on a stable footrest.
  • If you use a document clip tool, match the height with the monitor screen.
  • Between your elbows and wrists are aligned and straight when using the keyboard / mouse.
  • The arms and elbows are in a relaxed position close to your body.
  • Monitor and keyboard position in front of you.
  • Use the keyboard you have the leverage part below it for set the position.
  • Use a working base or a desk stable and unsteady.
  • Occasionally do short break by standing, stretching and see the other direction.

Tips above is very useful and useful for those of us daily dealing and working with computer.

Healthy living not only from a healthy diet, healthy sleep patterns, healthy activity patterns, healthy piker patterns, avoid bad habits that interfere with health but healthy computer is also one of them.

And finally, hopefully tips and tricks computers healthy above can make your health stay awake even though your everyday always together and work with computer.

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