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Change My Computer Icon Easily as Your Desire

By default the My computer Icon on the Windows operating system and Linux is shown in the form of a computer image. However, for those of you who want to display different My computer icons in accordance with your company icon, computer brand, or other different images you can change your My Computer Icon with ease.

How to change My Computer Icon easily and quickly

Here we will show you a simple tips an easy and quick trick to change the icon of my computer in accordance with your wishes. The step by step below we include the pictures that will guide you easily and quickly to replace the My Computer icon.

We need to explain in advance that in the steps below, we demonstrate by using the Windows 8 operating system. Maybe on the Windows operating system under it will have some differences, but not so significant.

Preparation stage: before you go to the step by step below, prepare a file icon to replace my computer icon (.ico). You can use the image to ico converter online to convert and your image files to ico. Also read how to convert images to ico file.

How to Change My Computer icon on Windows

  • Turn on your computer
  • Go to the desktop
  • Move your cursor over an empty spot
  • Right-click on the empty area
  • Select Personalize


  • Change desktop icon
change desktop icon

change desktop icon

  • Click on My Computer> Change Icon
change icon

change icon

  • Select your Icon
ico file

ico file

  • View the results on a desktop or Windows Explorer file.
my computer icon

My Computer

In the picture above, shows your My Computer icon has changed according to your wishes.

Thus your desktop screen will appear My Computer icon in accordance with the icon company, industry or in accordance with your family icon.

That is the little tips and tricks on how to change or change the icon on My Computer easily and quickly. You can use your own design or look for various icon images by using google search engine. Happy to work

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