Five Types of Attack On Computer Network

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Five Types of Attack On Computer Network

Computer network is the relationship between two or more computers in a network. In a computer network there are risks that lurk, one of which is an attack on the network computer itself. Here are five types of attack on computer networks.

Five Types Computer Network Attack

Ping of Death

Ping of Death is a DoS denial of service TCP / IP features are packet fragmentation or packet breaking. The attacker can sending various fragmented ICMP packets (used to ping) so that the packets’ time is reassembled, the packet size is entirely over limit of 65536 bytes.

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LAND Attack

Is one kind of attack against a server connected in a network to stop the service, resulting in disruption of the service or computer network. This type of attack is called the Denial of Service (DoS) attack. LAND attack is categorized as SYN attack (SYN attack) because it uses SYN packet (synchronization) when doing 3-way handshake to form a relationship based on TCP / IP.

Half-Open Connection

In a half-open connection attack, the attacker sends to the server that is going to be attacked by many SYN packets that have been dispoof or engineered so that the source address becomes invalid. This type of half-open connection or SYN attack attack can be prevented by packet filtering and firewalls, so the invalid SYN packets can be blocked by firewalls before flooding the server.

UDP Bomb Attack

To perform a UDP Bomb attack against a server, an attacker sends a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packet that has been dispoof or engineered to contain invalid values ​​in certain fields. If an unprotected server still uses an old operating system that can not handle these invalid UDP packets, then the server will crash.


A Teardrop attack is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack on a server / computer that utilizes TCP / IP features that are packet fragmentation, and the weaknesses in TCP / IP at the time when the fragmented packets are put together back. In a data transmission from one computer to another over a TCP / IP based network, the data will be broken up into smaller packets on the home computer, and the packets are sent and then reassembled on the destination computer. The server can be protected from this type of teardrop attack with packet filtering through configured firewall to monitor and block malicious packages like this


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