Understanding and Usage of Computer Shortcuts

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Understanding and Usage of Computer Shortcuts

If we hear about the shortcuts of our shadow will be directly fixed on one object that is computer ( computer shortcuts ). True, the shortcut is closely related to the computer, because the shortcut is one of the commands in the computer. However, we often do not understand what is meant of the shortcut itself. here I will try to explain what is meant by shortcut and some uses on the computer. Shortcuts are often used to speed up or make it easier to perform a command in a computer.

Definition and function of computer shortcuts

There are some definition about the computer shortcuts, including:

Computer Shortcuts

f5 keyboard

  • Shortcut is a combination of several buttons that when we press simultaneously will result a command that we want, or more clearly shortcut it is a quick button used to perform a command in the computer.
  • Shortcut is a combination of several buttons that when pressed simultaneously will react specifically to the computer / quick button for a command on the computer working system.
  • Shortcut is a way to make it easier to perform a command on the computer through certain buttons when pressed.

The essence of the three definition of the shortcut above is the same, the shortcut is used to facilitate a computer user to perform a command by pressing certain buttons. The ability to use shortcut keys will make it easier for us to perform a command quickly without having to search. By using the shortcut key we can also operate the computer only with the keyboard without having to involve the mouse at all, but usually things like this done by people who are adept using the computer.

Therefore for those of you who want to be good at using the computer quickly, memorize the shortcut keys. Memorize and often practice using shortcut keys to make it easier for us to do a command. Almost all software programs (software) both system and applications always provide a quick button, for example, on CorelDraw, adobe Photoshop and others.

In understanding the meaning and benefits of the shortcut on the computer we must be painstaking and diligent in learning it. To understand the use of computer shortcuts we must know and understand about the function of shortcut keys on the keyboard.

The Computer shortcuts categories

Based on the keyboard key functions, computer shortcuts are divided into 5 namely:

  • Alphanumeric keys : For example in the letters ranging from A – Z, then the number keys at the top, and the symbols are frequently used (dots, commas, crosses and so on)
  • Function keys: Used for specific commands with different actions on each program. This button is denoted by the letter F (F1 – F12).
  • Control keys: This button can be used alone and can also be combined with other buttons. Example: alt, ctrl, esc, and windows logo.
  • Navigation keys: the Functions is to perform navigation commands at windows explorer, website, and so on. Examples of the buttons: page up, page down, arrow keys (right, left, up, down), insert, and delete.
  • Numeric keyboard: This is a number button located on the right computer keyboard and there is not available on the keyboard of laptops and notebooks.

The function of keyboard as a computer shortcuts

Here are some explanations and keyboard functions as a computer shortcuts

  • Ctrl + A: used to select all text objects or images and other files.
  • Ctrl + B: this used to make and create bold text in document.
  • Ctrl + C: serves to duplicate text, images, and other files as desired.
  • Ctrl + D: serves to set either the font size or font type in document files.
  • Ctrl + F4: used to closing the documents or programs that are running.
  • Ctrl + F5: make the screen Ms. Word becomes medium size.
  • Ctrl + F6: serves to minimize a screen or program.

And all of the function keys starting from F1 – F12 will have a function when combined with ctrl. Try to memorize and try the above computer shortcuts in working with your computer to make your time more efficient.

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