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Convert jpg to bmp Easily No Software Required

How to convert jpg to bmp without using software? Here we will give tips and tricks how to convert image files into bmp format. The following tips and tricks can convert image files such as: .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif, .tif, .Tiff, and .png into .bmp (Bitmap) format without using any software.

In this trick we use Paint, which is this paint is a default application or program from Windows operating system. So by using this application you do not need to buy other software just to convert the image files as mentioned above.

How to Convert jpg to bmp and other image file formats.

As we have explained above, that in addition to convert .jpg, these tips can also converting files of other types. However, at this time, we will demonstrate how to convert jpg file to bmp with paint application:

Steps convert jpg to bmp (Bitmap)

  • Open the paint app. You can do it by:

Press the Start + R button at the same time and type in the Run: “mspaint” box without quotation marks
Or it can be through the search start menu: type: mspaint

convert jpg to bmp

Run mspaint

  • Open the file you want to convert
  • After the image opens, then Click File> Save as
  • Select Save as type: .bmp
convert jpg to bmp

Save as to BMP

convert jpg to bmp

Save as type

  • Done, your file is converted to .bmp

In the above trick, we use paint application, on Windows 8 operating system. However, this trick you can implement in paint application with other windows operating system. Easy, fast and no cost way to convert image files into .bmp (Bitmap) extensions. Good luck.

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