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How to Cooling Processor of the Computer

Cooling processor of the computer, it’s impossible? The processor in computer is like a brain on the human body. Brain if forced to work continues to heat too. Calculating, memorizing, forcing to forget, remembering, storing, processing information can heat up the brain.

The brain on the computer is located on the processor. If the processor is not maintained from excessive heat it is very dangerous because it can damage the processor device itself so that our work is hampered. The computer can suddenly restart itself and even hang instantly.

How to cooling processor of the computer?

Here are the simple and significant tips how to cool the processor

Use thermal paste with high quality

cooling processor

thermal paste

Thermal paste is a medium of excess heat from the body of the processor to the body of the processor heatsink so as to increase the effectiveness of the processor temperature reduction and function also to prevent the occurrence of sparks and overload heat as the effect of the friction of the body of the processor and heat sink directly. A poor quality thermal paste will not have the maximum functionality.

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Make sure to place the casing on the right Position

Place the casing position in a place that has good air circulation, do not place the casing in a closed place because it can not remove heat from inside the casing so that heat accumulates one of them in the body of the processor.

Make neatness cable in the casing

Due to the neatness of the cables in the computer case do not let the cables are chaotic or even about the fan processor fan. Check and check carefully. Place the cables as neatly as possible.

Just open the casing

Just off the cover of your computer case. With so heat will be easily removed from inside the casing

Give extra air purifier fans

cooling processor

processor fan

Buy an extra fan that sucks hot air from inside the casing to get out. Fan is cheap, in some of computer and device stores sold between 10-20 thousand. Place the fan position upside down, or suck air out.

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