Using Copy Command to Copy Command Prompt Output

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Using Copy Command to Copy Command Prompt Output

How to use copy command to copy command prompt output into notepad or Wordpad, Ms Word?. Command prompt is a DOS-based command on Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, and latest Windows Version) to allow users to interact with the computer either online or offline, to help or as a compiler tool of the various command lines entered by the user.

Command prompt is often also in the wrong use by the cracker, in carrying out the action. For example the use of command prompt is to detect viruses, virus separation, virus parent files only with ATTRIB command, and so forth, Therefore for knowledge buddy who likes to use the computer should know a little more about this command prompt command.

How to use Copy Command to Copy Command Prompt Output?

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and new Windows OS Version command prompt can be used with a clip utility that can be used to copy the contents of the command prompt output into the clipboard. It is very similar similar to the way the tee command works in UNIX. Tee command pipelines the output of a command in UNIX to another file. In Windows 7 we can use the “Clip” utility to copy the text of the command prompt. Adding clip next to any command copy the output.

Syntax for Clipping the Command prompt output: “Command | clip “.You need to type the command followed by the Clip in the Command prompt. e.g. > D: \ dir | clip will copy the output of the command in clipboard; though it will not be displayed. You can further paste the “clapboarded text” to Microsoft Word, notepad or WordPad or others apps.

The following is an example of the outcome of Copy Command to Copy Command Prompt Output.

copy command prompt output

copy command prompt output

output command prompt

output command prompt on notepad

In the simple trick using copy command prompt output above using Windows 8. But the above tricks or tips can be used on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows latest version.

So a few simple tips for beginners on how to use Copy Command Prompt Output on CMD (command prompt). May be useful.

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