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Create New Shortcut for Your Favorite Directory

To simplify and speed up opening the directory of your primary storage folder, it is necessary Create New Shortcut for Your Favorite Directory.

Shortcut is a quick way to run a computer program on a system that is installed on the computer. Utilization of this shortcut, we can also use to create a new shortcut that has aim to open the favorite directory or main directory where we often use the storage.

By creating a new shortcut from the directory that we often use, we can quickly open the directory, without having to use some steps that will take more time and effort.

Create New Shortcut folder or directory

To create a new shortcut from a particular directory is very easy and requires only a few steps. Here’s the step by step are follows:

  • Turn on your computer or laptop.
  • Log on to the desktop
  • Point the cursor to an empty spot on your desktop screen
  • Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop
  • Select New
  • Select Shortcut
Right click desktop

Right click

  • Appears Create Shortcut window
  • Click the Browse button
Create Shortcut

Create Shortcut

  • Choose your favorite directory
  • Click OK
browse directory

Choose Directory

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new shortcut that is a shortcut from a particular directory. This shortcut, located on the desktop. When you click and open this shortcut, your favorite directory will open immediately.

For me, this is very important, because if we often work on this directory we do not need extra time and energy to open it. Simply by double-clicking on the shortcut. Or can also by right click, and then select open.

You can also create others new shortcuts. For example, create a new shortcut from a particular application or program that has no shortcut on the desktop, create a new shortcut for a particular Internet address, create a shortcut from a file, create a shortcut computer and other shortcuts.

Happy working with new shortcuts that you managed to make yourself. Please post comments in the comments field below, if you have the latest tips and tricks on creating new shortcuts.

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