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Crop Image and Picture using Adobe Photoshop CS

Crop Image is one way and image editing techniques by cutting the image as you wish. There are many technique and software that can be used for crop images, photos and picture. One of the applications that you can use for cropping images is by using Adobe Photoshop CS.

Crop image or photo can affect the length and width of the photo and also the file size file of the photos or the images itself.

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Why do we use Adobe Photoshop CS to crop images?

This software is widely used by digital photographers and advertising companies to be considered as the market leader for image processing software, and, with Adobe Acrobat, is considered the best product ever produced by Adobe Systems.

By using Adobe Photoshop CS you can easily design graphics, edit photos or images, resize images, create new layers on images, convert images, add text, 3d drawing designs, and other interests related to graphic design.

In this image cropping technique, we use Adobe Photoshop CS 2015. To be able cropping image with Adobe Photoshop CS you can do it easily and quickly, namely through the Menu Bar.

Step by step crop image using Adobe Photoshop CS

  • Install Adobe Photoshop Software
  • Open the Adobe Photoshop app
  • Open one of the pictures, images or photos you want to crop
  • Select Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
  • Do a selection on a particular area you want
crop image

Area Selection

  • After the selection area, drag in a certain area of ​​the image using the mouse
  • Remove drag
  • Click on Menu> Image> Crop
crop images

Crop Menu

  • See the results of Cropping you do
crop image


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Note: on the cropping technique above, is a simple cropping technique. You can experiment with crop images with features in Adobe Photoshop Image Editing Software. Happy to work with the best image editing software.

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