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Crop images, Pictures directly on Microsoft Word

Can i crop images on Ms Word? In the last discussion dimlog has been discussed on how to cropping the image using Adobe Photoshop CS, cropping the images, pictures using ms paint. So this, we will give you tips on how to crop another image that is crop images in Microsoft Office Word.

Why we need to Crop images, Pictures in Microsoft Word?

The purpose of crop images is to crop the images, pictures in a Microsoft Word document. This image is the result of the Insert> Picture ON Ms Word. The purpose of crop image is useful to enlarge or enlarge the view of existing images in Microsoft Word documents.

How to Crop a pictures, images in Word Document?

Simple steps and complete plant images on a Word document are as follows:

  • Open Microsoft Office Word
  • Open any of your existing document images
  • Double click on the mentioned image
  • The Picture Tool menu will be presented
tools menu crop

images tools menu

  • Select Crop
  • Click on the arrow image
  • Select the cropping option of the image you want
crop images menu

crop images menu

In the last step, there are several choices of image trimming namely:

  • Crop, this option will crop directly by sliding or drag and drop
  • Crop to shape, this option will crop by selecting a form that already exists in Microsoft Word
  • Aspect ratio: will do crop picture based on aspect ratio of an image.
  • The choice of the fourth plant is the Fill
  • And the last option is fit

Please choose from the selection of pictures or images cropping options above according to your goals. In the tips crop images or images on the document word above, we use Microsoft Office 2013.

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