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Delete Temporary Files Automatically in Windows 10

In Microsoft Windows 10, there are many new features, one of which is the delete temporary files automatically. Temporary Files are files whose use is only temporary. The files are created automatically by Windows systems or also a program to store temporary data when files are being created, processed or used.

Save the hard disk capacity by delete temporary files automatically from storage sense

This Windows 10 feature is not only able to delete temporary files, but delete files in the Recycle Bin that accumulate for 30 days. All done automatically by Windows itself.

This feature is called Storage Sense, which is an old but new feature got improved with Windows 10 Creator Update. Storage Sense is only available on Windows 10 with Creator Update. If you are using Windows 10 with the old version, then upgrade first.

Storage Sense in Windows 10

Windows 10 has Storage Sense, a built-in feature in the Settings app to manage how storage works on your PC.

  • Go to Settings via the Start menu. Then go to System> Storage.
  • Here, you can see what files are stored in each partition and how much size is consumed.
delete temporary files

Drive with Temporary files

  • Scroll down screen. You will see the settings group “Storage Sense”. That’s where the auto-deletion feature for temporary files and recycle bin.
delete temporary files

Storage Sense

  • Click from Off to On to enable this auto-deletion feature.
  • Click “Change how we free up space” to set how auto-delete feature works.
delete temporary files

Free up Space

In the “Delete temporary files that my apps are not using”, click from Off to On to enable automatic deletion of temporary files that are not used by any application.

In “Delete files that have been in the recycle bin for over 30 days”, click from Off to On to enable automatic deletion of recycle bin files stored for 30 days.

If you want to delete the files manually, click “Clean now”.

Windows 10 brings a very useful new features. This feature can also save the hard disk capacity that the files in it already accumulate. Good thing, this feature works

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