Quick Way: Turn on and Turn off Windows Firewall

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Quick Way: Turn on and Turn off Windows Firewall

How to turn off Windows Firewall? Windows Firewall is one of the software components of Windows Operating System that serves to protect the computer when the computer is connected in a network (either Local area Network (LAN), wireless, or Internet network.

Windows Firewall will protect your computer by blocking communications from possible software or harmful content and also person, or program that will interact with the computer.

Windows Firewall is able to protect the computer from worms attacks, but not for Virus / malware, and Spyware. Therefore, to protect your computer from virus attacks. Spyware or Malware required Antivirus, or Internet Security.

On the one hand Windows firewalls play a positive role, on the other hand Windows Firewall can also interfere with our activities when using the computer. For example, a Windows firewall activity that blocks certain application program activity.

Therefore, because of its annoying blocking activity, the Windows firewall needs to be disabled or turn off Windows Firewall.

How to disable or turn off windows Firewall

By default Windows Firewall is ON. However, we can make the settings so that from the beginning Turn ON Windows Firewall to Turn Off Windows Firewall.

Here are fast and quick way to disable Windows Firewall

Quick steps to disable Windows Firewall is through the RUN command. The trick is as follows:

  • Press the Start + R button simultaneously on the Keyboard
  • In the RUN dialog box, type “firewall.cpl” without quotation marks

turn off windows firewall

  • Windows Firewall window appears
  • Look in the right panel
  • Select Turn Windows Firewall On or Off

windows firewall setting

  • Select Turn Off Windows Firewall
  • Click OK
Turn off firewall

Turn off firewall

To restore the default settings (Windows Firewall turn On), then do the steps above. In step 6, select Turn On Windows Firewall.

This Tricks and tips about disable or turning on or off Windows Firewall above applies to Windows Operating System.

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