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Perfect and Work 100%, How to Disable USB Ports Flash Drive

Disable USB Ports on a USB Flash drive can work important for the security of your computer or laptop. Why is that? When your computer does not use antivirus software, then when you plug in a USB flash disk drive on your computer, if the USB Flash drive is contain a virus will be able to directly spread and infect your computer.

Some Reasons to Disable USB Ports

Here are some things you can make a reason to disable USB Ports are as follows:

  • Not installed antivirus software on computer or laptop.
  • Not yet updated antivirus definition
  • Real time antivirus protection in Off state

For some reasons the above considerations, then for the security of your computer or laptop from virus attack, malware or spyware then it would be nice you disable USB Ports Flash drive you.

Some advantages disable USB Ports

  • Data security. With disable usb ports, then your data will be protected from data theft by copying data via flash disk.
  • Minimize from virus attacks, Trojans, spyware or malware.

You do not have to worry, you can revive USB Ports Flash disk drive function by enabling usb ports back.

How to Enable and Disable USB Ports computer or laptop?

There are two ways to enable and disable USB Ports flash disk drive. Both ways are through the Control Panel and Registry Editor on the Windows operating system.

How to disable usb ports with Windows Registry editor

The steps to disable ports on a USB Flash Drive via the registry are as follows:

  • Right-click My Computer> Properties> Device Manager
device manager

device manager

  • Look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  • Right Click on USB Mass Storage Device
disable usb ports flash drive

disable usb ports flash disk drive

  • Select Disable, go step 3 until all USB Ports are disabled

To re-enable USB Ports function, right-click then Enable

Note: if you use other devices such as USB printers, USB mouse then can result in all these devices will come disable. When that happens, then use your keyboard to enable it again. Therefore, be careful selecting the usb ports you want to disable.

How to Disable USB Ports via Windows Registry

The steps to disable usb via registry editor are as follows:

  • Open the registry editor by: press CTRL + R on the keyboard
  • RUN window appears
  • Type in the RUN box “regedit” without quotation marks. Press enter
open regedit

open regedit

  • Appears Registry Editor window, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> ControlSet001> Services> USBSTOR.
  • Look in the right pane, find the file named Start REG_DWWORD.
  • Double click the file, Replace number 3 to number 4.
disable usb ports from registry

disable usb from registry

Note: to reactivate or enable USB ports, then you restore like all. That is changing the number 4 to 3 on the Start file.

That’s tips and tricks how easy, fast and successful 100% to Enable and Disable USB Ports on Flash disk drive for data security and your computer. Hopefully useful and helpful.

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