Perfect Setting, Disable Wallpaper Change on Windows

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Perfect Setting, Disable Wallpaper Change on Windows

Wallpaper change is a change of wallpaper view on your monitor screen. Wallpaper on your computer can be set as you wish. Well, on this occasion will discuss about how to disable Wallpaper change on Windows operating system.

On the demonstration how to disable Windows Wallpaper Change below using Windows 8. However, the following trick can be used on almost all Windows Version.

The purpose of disable wallpaper change is that desktop wallpaper can not be changed by others. This may be for some particular interest. For example on the company’s computer that was deliberately put a wallpaper company that should not be changed.

How to disable wallpaper change in Windows

This setting lets you specify the wallpaper on users desktops and prevents users from changing the image or its presentation.

The complete steps disable wallpaper on Windows

  • Press the Start + R button simultaneously on the Keyboard
  • RUN window appears
  • Type in the “gpedit.msc” RUN box without quotation marks


  • Appears window Local Group Policy Editor
  • In left hand side pane, Navigate to Local Computer policy> User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Desktop> Desktop
  • In right side pane, Select Desktop Wallpaper
  • Double click Open it and enable it.
desktop wallpaper

desktop wallpaper

  • In the Wallpaper Name option, write the full picture address along with the name you want to make as wallpaper on the desktop. For example in the example below is D:\my data\PICTKU\spk\wallpaper.jpg
  • Also setting Wallpaper style that the wallpaper image be centered, Fill, Fit, Span, tiled, or stretched.
  • Press OK
wallpaper change

windows wallpaper

To see the results, please log off or restart your computer. After restart or Log Off, then your desktop Wallpaper will be changed and protected from Wallpaper change by others.

Note: to avoid resetting by others who are not computer users, then you should make user account with password and log off when leaving computer.

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