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100% Work: Disable Windows Defender Windows 7

In this tips we will provide tips on how to enable and disable Windows Defender Windows 7. This trick is disabled and enable Windows Defender we describe starting from an occurrence when error update (failed update) when updating NOD Smart Security with Error Undocumented message Serious Error (0x1106).

Windows defender is an antivirus and security facility of Windows Operating system. It’s already in Windows 7 and other Windows versions after Windows 7. Windows defender can be disabled (disabled) and enabled (enable) its function through the settings on the control panel.

Well, settings enable and disable Windows defender will we describe in the steps below.

How to Disable windows defender windows 7

  • Turn on your computer or laptop
  • Open the control panel by going to Start> All Programs> Control Panel
Start Menu WIndows 7

Start Menu

  • In the Control Panel window, type “Defe” in the search box (search for Windows Defender)
  • In the search results, click Windows Defender
Windows Defender Windows 7

Windows Defender

  • Make the settings and configuration by Click the Tools Button> Options
Windows Defender Configuration

Windows Defender

  • Look at the left panel and click the Administrator sub menu
  • The final step, remove the mark mark on Use this program
disable windows defender

disable windows defender

  • Click the Save button

With the above 8 steps, you have done disable Windows Defender settings and the program is not working or not active.

To be able to re-enable Windows Defender, do the same steps as above steps 1 – 7. In step eight, check the Use this program.

Note: For Error Undocumented Serious Error (0x1106) Error messages caused by Windows Defender, after you have disable Windows Defender settings, restart your computer or laptop and then run Update for Eset Smart Security Update or Eset NOD Antivirus. In guarantee 100% update will not fail as long as your Eset product is still licensed.

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