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Disable Windows Update in All Windows Version

How to disable Windows Update easily? By default, on windows operating system, windows update feature will run automatically when windows start. This windows update feature, has aims to when you connect on the internet network and there are available updates on the windows system then windows will update automatically without any command from the computer user.

But this automatic Windows update feature, can be setting up so that windows update is not running when the computer on Windows Operating System is turned on. How to setting up to disable Windows update features?

Below are a few tips or tricks to disable windows update features. To disable Windows update on Windows System follow these steps. This tips can be applied on Windows 7, 8, 10 and others.

Step by step how to disable windows update feature.

  • Turn on your computer
  • Press the Start and R buttons on the keyboard simultaneously
disable windows update

keyboard start + R

  • Appears RUN Window
  • Type in the RUN window “msconfig” (without quotation marks)
disable windows update


  • The System Configuration window appears
  • Click on the menu tab “Services”
disable windows update

Windows Services

  • Move the cursor down, until you find the Windows Update Service
  • Uncheck the Windows Update Service
  • Apply > OK
disable windows update

windows services

  • Restart your computer to get the result.

After you do the settings and make configuration system on the system configurations above, then the Windows update feature on your computer is not active or disable. So when you connect to the internet, your computer will not automatically load windows updates service.

Disable windows update, is not recommended by the windows system, because this feature will update your computer system so that your computer system will always up to date. However, if the update of windows is not important, because something else, for example, your internet connection will be used so much, then you can disable it with the step by step above.

To restore and enable windows update feature, just simply follow the step by step above, until at step 8, give a check marks on Windows Update Service features.

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