Easily, Quickly Change Drive Letter Name in Windows

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Easily, Quickly Change Drive Letter Name in Windows

What is a drive letter name on a computer hard disk? Drive letter can be interpreted as alphabet of the hard disk drive on your commuter. There are many Drive that we already know, which can be Hard disk Drive (HDD), USB Flash disk, Diskette, Memory.

Drive letter name is a sign used to distinguish between one drive with another drive. An example, when you open Windows Explorer there is your Drive with the name suffix on the flash disk listed the letter (H) (I) (E) (D). Well, thus this letter is called a drive letter. Another example is Drive letter for Hard disk Drive on your computer or laptop for example (C) for system, and (D) usually for data storage.

How to change drive letter name.

Below, we will give you 2 tricks how to change drive letter name on Windows operating system. Check out more details in the following tutorial.

How to change Drive Letter using CMD

In this first way, we will demonstrate how to change or replace drive letter using Command Prompt or CMD.

Step by step how to change drive letter with cmd

  • Open Command Prompt (CMD) by pressing the Start + R key on the keyboard
  • A CMD window appears
  • Type diskpart> press Enter.
opening diskpart cmd

opening diskpart cmd

  • Appears Diskpart Window
diskpart window

diskpart window

  • Type list vol> Enter
  • Select vol (volume number of drive to be changed)> enter, For example: select vol 2> Enter
  • Type assign letter (a, b, c, d, etc …) then hit enter key, for example: assign letter i.
drive letter name

drive letter name

Note: make sure the letter you choose has not been used, because when it is used it will display an error message.

The second way to change the Letter driver via Computer Management

  • Log on your desktop or Windows Explorer
  • Right click on My Computer
  • Select Manage> Appears Computer Management window
  • Select Disk Management
  • Right click on Drive> Change Driver Letter and Paths
disk management

disk management

  • Drive Letter and Paths window appears
  • Click the Change button
rename drive letter

rename drive letter name

  • Select Assign the following drive letter
  • Choose one of the available Drive letters
drive letter assign to

drive letter assign to

  • Click the Ok button

Thus tips and tricks 2 ways to change the drive letter name easily and quickly. Hope can help and useful.

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