Perfect 3 Ways to Rename Drive Name on Windows

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Perfect 3 Ways to Rename Drive Name on Windows

Drive name (hard drive) that exist on your computer you can change the name in accordance with your wishes. How to rename drive name on Windows?. Drive names can be changed and adjust according to a specific desire. For example, the name of the drive is changed based on the contents of the file in it. Or based on the usability of the drive you are using.

How to rename Drive name?

At this opportunity, we will give tips and tricks 3 ways to change the name of the drive without using any software. We need to explain first, that in the following tips, we demonstrate by using the Windows operating system.

3 easy ways to rename drive name on Windows

The first quick and easy way

  • Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer)
  • Select drive (Hard disk partition driver)
  • Right click on the driver
  • Select rename
windows explorer

right click

  • Write the name of the drive as you see fit
rename drive

rename drive

  • Press Enter on Keyboard

The second way to change Computer Drive Name with autorun.inf file

  • Do step 1 to 2 in the first way
  • In the right panel> Right-click> New> Text Document.
new text documents

new text documents

  • Name the file with autorun.inf and press Enter.
drive name autorun.inf


  • Open the file by double click autorun.inf file and fill it with following command:

label = “new drive name”



  • Save the file by File> Save, then exit from autorun.inf file.
  • Restart the computer to see the results

The third way to change Drive Name with Disk Management

  • Log on your desktop or Windows Explorer
  • Right click on My Computer
  • Select Manage
computer management

computer management

  • Appears Computer Management window
  • Select Disk Management
  • Right click on Drive to be changed> Properties
manage disk

manage disk

  • Displays the Disk Properties window
  • On the General tab, Write a new Drive Name
  • Apply> OK

So just share information and knowledge about how to change or rename the drive computer on the Windows operating system. May be useful.

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