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Free and Easy Way to Crop image, Picture

There are a lot of software both online and offline that can be used to crop image or crop picture. Some are paid and some are free. If you buy a paid course besides the need to install and take up storage space on the hard drive, you will also spend money to buy it.

Here are tip and trick easy and quick way to cropping images or photos using free software that is already installed on a computer with Windows operating system.

How to crop image or photo as intended above ?. Here’s the explanation.

How to crop the image below is to use free default software from windows OS called Microsoft Paint or MsPaint abbreviated Paint. Software is already installed and exist on the Windows operating system.

How to open the Image Editor application you can open easily by using the RUN facility, which is as follows:

  • Press the Start + R key
crop image picture

start + R button

  • Appears RUN Window
  • Type in the RUN Box: mspaint
crop image


  • Open Paint Application

How to Crop Image with Paint

  • Open MsPaint Windows software as in the steps above
  • Open the image you want to Crop
  • After the image opens, click on Toolbar Selection, as shown in the image below
  • crop image pictureMake a selection on the area you choose
  • Selection area are finished

crop image and picture

  • Click the Crop Button on the Toolbar
crop image picture


  • Done

crop image picture

That’s the easy, free and fast way to crop the image. You can also crop or edit image with more advantage, satisfaction and perfectly, you can also using image Top editor software both free and pay like list below:

The best free photo editor: PhotoPad Photo Editor Free, GIMP, Paint.NET, Photo Pos Pro, PhotoScape, Fotor. And the top ten the best pay photo editing software :

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