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How To Eliminate Acne Naturally without Drugs

How to remove or eliminate acne naturally without drugs? Acne is the main enemy of teenagers who want to look good. How to get rid of acne may be the tips that are often searched by those who want a clean face without acne in a natural way. Each of us is often annoyed with the presence of pimples and blackheads that attack our beautiful and handsome face without mercy. Sometimes acne grows in the nose, cheeks, forehead, even our necks. There are many methods, drugs and facial therapies that fail to repel acne from our face. Appear to style instead to die style because of acne and blackheads.

It is common knowledge that the presence of acne (especially in the face) will greatly affect the confidence. Therefore, anyone who is acne will be desperately trying to make a creature called acne that can be removed from the face or other body parts.

For those who have thick bumps, maybe getting rid of acne is not a difficult problem. Just go to an expensive skincare salon, follow the therapy, use the product, finish. But what about those who have thin purse (like me this for example) Is there no hope to get rid of acne at a cheap cost?

Therefore I really want to give some tips that you can make as an antidote, so that we are free from the bright red star in the face (Earth) we are, these cheap natural tips are very easy to apply. How to get rid of acne naturally this I get from friends and life experiences and a little extra from a mother who has trusted usefulness by our ancestors earlier.

How To Eliminate Acne Naturally

eliminate acne

eliminate acne

Always Clean Your Face

Always treat daily facial cleansing from dirt and road dust. For those of us who are always active and dealing with dust on the road, then be diligent to clean the face before or after the activity. As consumption from within, then increase eat vegetables and drink water. For those who do not like vegetables !, then fruits that contain water can be an alternative in treating faces from within. Because the content contained in fruits and vegetables is believed to make our face more clean and radiant.

Eliminate acne Using Toothpaste

One thing to remember here is toothpaste that is used in the form of pasta instead of gel-like (such as Close Up). The trick is almost the same premises both ways above. Apply toothpaste to acne and other parts around the pimple before going to bed. Leave all night / until morning then rinse with clean water.

Remove and eliminate acne using Aloe Vera

Caution do not use the original tongue from the crocodile mouth, he ,, Take one aloe leaf, cut some parts, exfoliate the skin, apply on the part that appears acne, and repeat this way every morning and afternoon. If you are patient enough, acne will probably dry and peel for 3 days. In addition, aloe vera is also able to remove stubborn acne scars. Once again the key is only one, painstaking. !!

What is familiar with the Lemon / Lime + Rose Water.

Lemon, lime and fruits of its kind contain very rich citric acid, where citric acid is excellent for removing dead skin cells that can cause acne. The trick is by mixing juice / lemon juice with rose water then apply on face and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. The application of this therapy regularly and consistently for 15 days will give quite amazing results to use and see what happens (many have proven, including me)

Eliminate and remove acne using Tomatoes

The fruit of this one in addition to good eye health is also quite effective to remove blackheads (blackheads). The first thing to do is to slice the tomatoes in half and apply them to the entire face with acne and leave for 15 minutes – 1 hour then rinse. and eat for care from within

Remove acne Using Garlic

There are two options in using garlic to get rid of acne. First by pounding two or more garlic until quite smooth then applied to the face of acne. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse. While the second way is to eat one or more garlic every day.

Many say these two ways are quite effective, but for those of you who do not like the smell of garlic it might be better to go the other way. Do not worry there are many other natural ways that I will explain below.

Using White Egg to remove acne

The trick is, separate the egg yolk and take the egg whites only. Shake briefly then apply to face and let stand for 15 minutes. This egg white will help reduce the oil on the face that often causes acne

That’s some way to get rid of acne naturally without using drugs. Hopefully with the above tips, your acne will decrease and your face will look smooth

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