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Enable and Disable Jump List on Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system from Microsoft that released at jun 2015. There many new features that are very useful. One of them is the jump list, which is actually the default Windows version, which is still available until Windows 10.

Jump list is one of the default features of Windows that allows you to display the files you just opened from an application. The Jump list appears in the right-click menu in the Taskbar.

For example, Microsoft Word displays the last document you edit. When you right-click on the Microsoft Word Taskbar icon, a list of the last document names you edit appears. That’s what’s called a jump list.

jump list

Sample in Word Documents

For some users, this feature is very useful. It is very useful as a shortcut to open files with a much faster time. Different when opening the app and manually opening the file in the app.

But, for some users who do not really like this feature, you can disable it or make this feature turn off. To disable or enable the these features is very easy way. Particularly in Windows 10. Here are the step by step to enable or disable this feature in windows 10 Operating System

How to Turn off the Jump List in Windows 10?

First, first open the Settings app. You can open the Settings app easily on the Start menu.

Then select Personalization.

jump list


  • Then go to Start.
  • On Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar, change from On to Off to turn off.
  • Scroll the screen slightly down.
jump list

Enable and Disable Feature

Instantly, you will no longer see the Jump List or the list of file names you just opened with an app on the Taskbar right-click menu.

To re-enable the Jump List feature, still in Settings. Just change the option from Off to On on Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar.

The Jump List feature is a very useful feature. It displays quick shortcuts to open a file in a shorter time. You as a Windows 10 users do not need to turn off the Jump List feature, but if you feel do not need to please turn it off.

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