How to Reset and Download Epson l220 Resetter

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How to Reset and Download Epson l220 Resetter

Free download Epson L220 Resetter software. The Epson L220 printer is a multi-function printer. Where this printer can be used to scan documents, printing and also for photo copy. Along with continuous usage over long periods of time, printers will generally experience over printing. So the printer does not react when used for printing documents.

Well, this is when the printer does not want to run the printing command needs to be reset on Epson L220 printer. How to reset the Epson L220 printer and download the Epson L220 resetter software?

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If you need software Epson L220 Resetter, here is a free download link to download Resetter for Epson L220. Software Resetter Epson can be used to reset other Epson printer products as follows: L130, L220, L310, L360, L365
Here’s the software, Free Download Resetter Epson L220 (No virus and malware).

How to reset Epson L220 printer with Epson L220 Resetter Software?

Epson l220 Resetter

Epson Adjustment Program

  • Select your printer device
  • Select L220 (according to the installed printer). Note: in configure port select Auto selection
epson l220

Select your printer

  • Click OK
epson restter

epson l220 selected

  • Click the Particular Adjustment Mode button
Particular Adjustment

Particular Adjustment

  • Select Waste ink pad counter
waste ink pad counter

waste ink pad counter

  • On the Waste ink pad counter window, in sequence click the button: Check> main on counter> Initialize
check ink pad counter

check ink pad counter

  • Information windows, just click OK
initialize ink pad counter


  • Turn off the printer


  • Turn on printer again
  • Finish

After you follow the steps and procedures above, then your Epson L220 printer has been reset. If the printer still does not print, try repeating the above steps and turning your printer off properly, then turn the Epson L220 printer back on. Good luck.

That’s a little troubleshooting tips on Epson printers that can not perform printing. That is by resetting Epson L220 printer with Epson L220 Resetter software. May be useful.

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