Tips to Get Eye Health from Computer Usage

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Tips to Get Eye Health from Computer Usage

Getting eye health from computer usage. Frequent activities in front of the computer can cause headaches (migraine, dizziness), arthritis and eye diseases. Well, consider the following steps to prevent eye damage due to computer use.

Some tips to get eye health from computer usage

Rest your eyes

Every time you work with a computer, rest your views from the computer screen once in a while. let your eyes rest for a moment, so the eyes avoid the information when in front of the computer screen.

Blink eye

eye health

Using Computer

While working with your computer, tuck in and close your eyes as often as possible. this action will relax your tense and stiff muscles. So that the eye muscles become relaxed and not tense

Use drip drops as needed

If your eyes feel sore, use eye drops. It is also to prevent dryness in your eyes. Close your eyes for a few seconds, until the drops soak into your eyes.

Use adequate lighting

Use enough lighting when you use the computer, reading, writing, presentation and also for other activities. Do not use lights or lights that are too dim and do not get too dazzled.

Wear anti-glare screen

The anti glare screen protects the eyes from the reflected light of the blinding monitor.

Wear glasses

If your computer does not use anti-glare screen, use glasses every time you look at the monitor screen from your computer.

Place or adjust the position of the monitor

Place or adjust the position of the computer monitor at a distance of 18 to 50 inches from where you sit. Then sit in an upright but relaxed position, not too stiff and do not mostly lean back.

Consume more vitamin

Eat regularly the vitamins A and C that are believed to maintain the clear function of your vision.

Eye health is very important. With healthy eyes, then we can do activities primarily to see comfortably and healthy. With healthy eyes will certainly reduce the cost of spawning for the health of your eyes are very valuable.

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