Fix: Can not Install amd radeon Graphics Card Driver

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Fix: Can not Install amd radeon Graphics Card Driver

AMD Radeon Graphics is one of the HD Graphics hardware that can provide user comfort when using computer screen. However, sometimes the built-in CD driver on the hardware does not match the hardware so that the driver is not installed properly. As shown in the picture below.

amd radeon graphics

device manager

Here is a tip for troubleshooting error AMD Radeon (TM) on a laptop.

Tips and tricks we write, because we ourselves have experienced cases where, on the 1 hp laptop 1b09au AMD Radeon Graphic with the driver CD and Drover default can not be installed. Later, we found a solution to install AMD Radeon HD Graphics with the following steps:

Step by step Install amd radeon Graphics Driver

  • Turn on your laptop or computer
  • Connect your laptop or computer with internet network
  • Download and install the latest version of AMD Driver Autodetect from the webpage
  • Once finished installed Run AMD Driver Autodetect Program
  • There are two buttons in the bottom bar: Express Install and Custom Install
  • Select one of the buttons
amd radeon grapics auto detect tool

amd auto detect tool

  • AMD Driver Autodetect will detect the suitable driver with your hardware
  • The program will download the suitable Card Driver software
amd radeon graphics

Downloading Graphics Driver

  • Completed the download, Follow the wizard displayed on the Screen
amd radeon graphics

Installing AMD Radeon

  • Driver installed
amd radeon graphics

Display Driver

The AMD Driver Autodetect tool is designed by AMD Corporation. This tool can be used to detect the model of the graphics card hardware and version of your operating system that installed in your computer or laptop. This Autodetect tool can only be used on systems running the Microsoft® Windows operating system and / or AMD Radeon ™ graphics. It does not work on Linux® operating systems, Apple Boot Camp or AMD FirePro ™ graphics products.

This is a free tool, you can download anyway from the AMD Software and drivers. After you download the driver, simply click “Install” to start your installation for your driver.

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