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Fix: Forgot Password BBM (Blackberry Messenger)

Forgot Password BBM (Blackberry Messenger)? It’s Easy Way to solve it. Almost everyone now uses passwords to keep their privacy safe, be it passwords for Facebook accounts, emails, short messages, BBM (blackberry messenger), and other accounts. However, not infrequently there is a time where someone forgot with the password of his account so it can not use the application.

Forgot password includes things that are annoying especially when it is needed, such as BBM password. Sure we are not in demand to fill password when will use BBM. Because passwords are usually used the first time to make, and at any time if the smartphone runs out in the reset.

Well, if for some reason, whether it’s because of errors or other problems that require to reset our smartphone, and unfortunately we forget the password or pasword fuel, we can not automatically log into the account and of course the existing contacts in the account will be lost all. Surely you will be annoyed if that happens.

How to Restore Forgot Password BBM?

For those of you who are experiencing the incident as above, your smartphone runs out in the reset then when going into the BBM forget the password, then to restore the BBM password, please follow the guidelines below.

  • First, open the BBM app on your Android smartphone.
  • BBM are opened, click sign in
  • After you sign in BBM, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. Enter the email address you used to sign up for BBM. While in the password field, do not fill it first because your goal is to set a forgotten password. Then click on ‘Forgot Password’ instead of ‘sign in’ because if ‘sign in’ requires the correct email and password.
Forgot Password bbm

Sign in BBM

  • The next step after you click on ‘Forgot Password’, your phone screen will display a security code or captcha containing the command to enter the security code listed there. On the side there is a column to enter the captcha or security code. If the security code you entered is correct, then click the column or box that says ‘Send.’
  • Next, your Android phone screen will change to a password setting page. Well, in this section just click ‘OK’ to continue the next step.
  • After clicking ‘OK’ open the email you used to sign in and check your inbox. You will be sent a link used to replace the new password for your BBM application.
  • Click the link that has been sent into your email. The link will take you to explore where to reset or change the new password on your BBM.
  • At this point, in the first available field, you will be asked to enter a new BBM password. Make a password using letters or numbers that are easy for you to remember to make it easier for you to re-install the BBM application.
  • Please wait for loading until a message appears saying that your BBM password has been successfully changed.
  • The final step after you receive the message, open the BBM app on your Android. Sign in using a new password or password that you have created.

Tips for you who often forget the password, you should use a password that is easy for you to remember on all accounts that you have. Whether it’s an email account, Facebook, Line, or other account. In addition, when you register BBM or other applications, use email that really is yours. Do not use random email. It aims to facilitate you who at times can forget with a password or password.

Well, that’s a little bit about the steps to sign in to the BBM app with a forgotten password. Hopefully this article can add information and help you who are confused because they can not get into BBM due to forgot password.

For the future, record every email and password you use on all applications you have including BBM. If you are lazy to record it, you just screenshot only. This is a very practical and easy alternative to remind you when you forget.

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