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3 Ways to Format Hard Drive From Windows Computer

There are several ways to format hard drive from a windows computer. The hard drive we mean here is a hard disk drive, usb disk drive, external hard disk drive, MultiMediaCard (MMC), and similar storage media.

The following we will demonstrate some ways to format the hard drive that we mean above by using Windows Computer.

Some of the required preparations are as follows:

Note: If your hard disk is an external hard disk drive, then you need a connector cable or connect it directly to the computer. As an example in the picture below.

convert gpt to mbr

Sata-Pata to USB

The first way to format hard drive are from File Explorer

How to format with this one, is the easiest and quick way in formatting the hard disk drive. The steps are as follows:

  • Connecting the hard disk drive you want to be format to computer. This is not necessary if you are a hard disk drive partition of the computer you are using.
  • Open Windows File Explorer
  • Select your Disk Drive
  • Right click on Disk drive or specific partition
  • Select Format
format hard drive


  • Set the settings format
quick format drive

Configuration Format

  • Start

The second way, format the disk drive through Computer Management

manage my computer

My Computer

  • Appears computer management window
  • Double click on Disk Management
  • In the right pane, the disk drive appears ready to be managed (in this case to be formatted)
  • Select the partition or Disk Drive you want to format
  • Right-click on the disk drive
  • Select Format
disk management

Formatting Disk

The third way, format the disk drive from Command Prompt (CMD)

  • Open Command Prompt by pressing Start + R Button simultaneously. RUN window appears, type “cmd” in the RUN window box without quotation marks. Press enter
  • In the Command prompt> type the format of the Drive name or partition to be formatted and followed by a flag:
  • Press Enter
  • See picture below:
  • Messages appear Insert New Disk for drive …
  • Just hit Enter
  • Disk Format Process is running
  • Wait until 100%
format disk cmd

Format disk

Ok readers Dimlog tips and tricks, so a little tip for the newbie about the some ways formatting disk drives, hard disks, usb drives or mutimediacard or MMC in various ways without using software.

For maximum results with more complete features such as format, partition, data recovery, surface scan, re-partition, change MBR partition, partition copy, and other partitioning features you can use the following partition tools software.

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