Guidance to Install Windows 7 For Beginner

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Guidance to Install Windows 7 For Beginner

For those of you who are the first time to install windows 7 or who want to re-install windows 7, make sure you have prepared the following things:

  • First, Prepare your Windows 7 DVD master, because we will learn to install windows 7 from DVD ROM.
  • Make DVD ROM become the first boot in BIOS settings.

Well, if the things above have been prepared. Now it’s time to install windows 7. Installing windows 7 is not difficult, please follow the following steps carefully.

Step by step install Windows 7 for beginner

  • First step, press any key to start booting from your DVD drive.
install windows 7

First Boot from DVD Drive

  • Please select a language in Time and currency format. For Language to install and Keyboard or input method leave it default. Then select Next.
install windows 7

ChooseĀ  language, time and currency

  • To start windows 7 installation. Select Install now.
install windows 7

Install Windows 7

  • Given Check at I accepted the license terms, then select Next.
install windows 7

Agree The License Terms

  • Choose Upgrade, if you want to upgrade your old windows version to windows 7. I assume you are learning to install the operating system for the first time. Please select Custom (advanced).
install windows 7

Custom Install Windows 7

  • The next step is to partition the hard drive space. Select Drive options (advanced)> New. Then specify the size of the partition / drive. Then select Apply when finished.
install windows 7

Hard Drive Partition

  • Select OK to make windows system files or commonly called system reserved partition.
install windows 7

Additional Partition

  • Please create 2 partitions in the same way as step number 6. Actually, how many partitions depends on each taste. In this tutorial, I only made 2 partitions.
install windows 7

Create 2 partitions

  • Please select Disk 0 Partition 2 as the location of windows installation. Then select Next. Actually, you can choose installation location anywhere, but generally placed in Disk 0 Partition 2.
install windows 7

Choosing Partitions

  • The installation process of windows 7 takes place. This process takes about 20 minutes. During the process, the computer will reboot / restart itself several times.
windows 7 install

Installation Progress

  • Do not press any key on the keyboard! This will cause you to repeat the installation process from scratch.
install windows 7


  • The next step is to enter the user name and computer name. Then select Next.
windows 7 installation

Create Username and Computer Name

  • The next step is to create a password for Windows account. My advice, make a strong password with a combination of numbers and symbols. As for password hint, fill in a word or phrase that helps you remember your account password. Then select Next.
install windows 7

Create Password

  • Please enter product key windows 7, then select Next. If you do not have a product key, you can skip the following steps without entering the product key. However, without activating the product key, you can only use Windows 7 during the trial period (30 days). Next select Next.
install windows 7

Windows 7 Activation

install windows 7

Windows Update options

  • Choose and select For Time zone. Select theĀ appropriate time zone .
windows 7 install

Time Zone

  • The next step is to determine the location of the network. Please select Public Network.
windows 7 install

Select the network

  • To enter the desktop screen, you must login first. Then select Next
install windows 7

Windows 7 Login

Well! The installation process of windows 7 for you beginners is complete. Good luck and nice job

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