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Headache Treatment Easy and Fast Ways

Headache treatment. Headache should be overcome because it will interfere with one’s daily activities. Headache will make concentration to be dispersed, work can not be completed optimally, the body feels weak, and various other adverse effects. So, how to deal with headaches quickly and easily?

Headache is a symptom of a condition of the body where the head ache, whether it is depressed, throbbing, localized to a particular part of the head or whole. Headaches may be a sign of the presence of an existing disease in the body, but can also be just a warning sign that the body should be resting a lot.

Types of Headaches and Causes

headache treatment

headache treatment

Did you know that the headache has some kind of headache. It shows that each type of headache has different causes so the way of handling is different too. Here we will describe some of it:

Vertigo: This is not a headache, but a headache or vision like a spin so unstable. Upper or front headache is also called vertigo, which is a condition where the patient will feel the upper or front head dizzy and throbbing. This is not a common headache because these headaches will feel a great headache, even for the road will be difficult. The cause is due to poor kidney function.

Headache Back: The back of the headache is a headache that is felt only on the back of the head only. This headache will cause the head like a throbbing and feels heavy and tense to the back of the neck. One cause is the effect of liver that is not working properly. Besides, fatigue can also cause this condition.

Migraine: Migraine or also called a headache is a headache that occurs only on one side of the head only, can the left or right. The cause is quite complex. Migraines occur because of disturbances in the circulatory system, blockage of blood supply, and various other causes. Migraine is one type of headache that many people experience, especially when the body is tired or extreme weather conditions.

Headache Treatment and How to Overcome Headache

Headache is a condition of pain in the head which if left unchecked will greatly disrupt the activity. Currently there are many types of drugs that are made to cure headaches, ranging from drugs to chemicals to traditional medicine. But between the two, traditional medicine is the best and safe. This is because traditional medicine does not contain chemicals that can cause side effects for the body.

Using traditional ingredients as medicinal ingredients certainly will not cause a negative impact or certain side effects after taking them. Not only that, by taking traditional medicine then we will avoid the possibilities of the drug has expired because all the material is made directly.

Below are some natural ingredients and ways that can be used in relieving traditional headaches that can be applied at home:

Water: Dehydration is one of the triggers for headaches. The human body is made up of 70% liquid. Lack of fluid will cause various health problems, one of which is a headache. As according to the results of research conducted by the University of Chicago in the United States which states that the consumption of water 8-10 glasses every day can prevent dehydration. In addition, consuming water with sufficient levels will also facilitate the metabolic system in the body.

Banana: Bananas are believed to overcome headaches, especially migraine headaches. Inside the banana contains magnesium and potassium which medical experts believe is a compound that will cure headaches. Therefore, the consumption of bananas every day can reduce the risk of migraines.

Ice Cube: In addition to be useful to relieve thirst, ice cubes also has a myriad of properties that include as a headache healer. The cold nature of ice cubes will be able to relax the muscles in the head. The way to use it is easy enough by sticking ice cubes and rubbing them on the forehead for a while. Then let stand until your headache subsides!

Sesame Seeds: As we know that some food types are decorated with sesame seeds. But behind that, it turns out there are properties that we can take from sesame seeds, such as as a headache relievers, especially types of migraine headaches and back pain. In sesame seeds contain vitamin E which is very effective to relieve migraine sickness. In addition to vitamin E, in the seeds are also contained magnesium that can overcome the back pain.

Foods Containing Mint: This method is special for those of you who experience headaches due to ulcer disease. You need to know that ulcer disease is a disease that attacks one’s stomach. The high stomach acid in a person’s body can trigger the ulcer. In addition to causing abdominal pain, ulcers can also trigger headaches. To overcome this, you can consume various foods containing mint compounds. Characteristics of food with mint compound is the food will feel fresh while in the mouth. Or for more ease, you can use mint leaves as a health drink. Mix the mint leaves on the tea and consume those drinks every headache attack!

Watermelon: Watermelon is a fresh fruit in which contained considerable moisture content. In addition to refreshing, watermelon is also efficacious to relieve headaches. Inside the watermelon contains a high potassium compound. These compounds can accelerate the circulatory system in the body. If the blood circulation smoothly, then the headache will not come. Try to consume watermelon meat that is closest to the skin or base! In that part there is a potent substance in very high amounts.

Potatoes: In addition to rich in carbohydrates, potatoes also have a high potassium content. Potassium is what works to smooth blood circulation in the body. Lack of fluid circulatory system in the body touted as one of the triggers of headaches. For this reason, eating potatoes proportionally can reduce the risk of headaches. Things you should remember when eating potatoes should be burned or boiled and do not peeled skin. on the skin of potatoes contained the highest potassium content.

Avocado seeds: Avocado is one type of fruit that many people favor. The delicious taste of meat mixed with sweet and soft texture makes this fruit very fit if processed into juice. In addition to deliciously consumed on the meat, avocado seeds are useful to relieve headaches. How to use it is very easy. Grate avocado seeds and mix with a little water! After that, paste the potion on the forehead for 1-2 hours or during the night! Do this way every headache comes attacking you!

How? Easy enough is not it? Various ways to overcome the above headaches in general use the materials that are around us so it is quite easy to apply every headache comes attacking. Thus was the discussion on headache treatment and how to deal with headaches quickly and easily. May be useful.

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