Hide Disk Drive Partition Easily using Command Prompt

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Hide Disk Drive Partition Easily using Command Prompt

Hide disk drive partition is an attempt to hide one of the hard disk drive partitions in a certain way. Hiding the hard drive partition sometimes needs to be done for a specific purpose. For example, for the security of the partition and its contents are not visible to others by naked eye.

Here we will give the trick how to hide the hard disk partition by using command prompt and tools built from Windows operating system.

In this trick, we use Windows 8 operating system. However, this trick can you apply to all version of Windows Operating System either Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other windows Version.

Step by step How to hidden or Hide disk Drive Partition using command prompt

  • Press Start Logo button and R button on keyboard simultaneously (Start + R)
  • RUN window appears, Type in RUN box ‘diskpart‘ without quotation marks, then press Enter
  • Appears a diskpart Command Prompt window
  • Type ‘List Volume‘ then press Enter
  • Show list Volume of hard drive partition
  • Select Volume to hide by typing ‘Select Volume 0‘ or ‘Select Volume D
  • Then type ‘Remove Letter D‘ (If in Windows 7, type ‘Remove Letter = E’ or ‘Remove All Dismount’) then press Enter.

Important note: if you want to restore it (hard disk drive partition unhide, then do step 1 – 6, then type ‘Assign Letter E

For more details, the result of the hidden steps of hard disk partition above, please look at the picture below.

hide disk drive

Diskpart Windows Tools

Once you have performed the above steps correctly, the hard disk drive partition you selected will be hidden and invisible to the eye in Windows File Explorer.

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