How To Manually Disable-Enable Wifi On Laptop

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How To Manually Disable-Enable Wifi On Laptop

First, before explaining how to manually disable and enable Wifi (Wireless Network Connection) on laptop, first let us see a little explanation about WIFI taken from various reference source.

In the midst of this increasingly sophisticated era of technology makes the technology companies always make the latest innovations, one of the superior product output are laptop. If we used to still use the computer in doing office activities and even then we can not take it anywhere. But by building a laptop, we can carry anywhere PC devices. This is because the size of the laptop is quite small and simple, so we are more flexible in doing office work.

Moreover with the rapid development of the Internet and has spread throughout all corners, the more us in the pamper of information. With our internet will be much easier of course, this internet can we get by subscribe to internet by installing internet network through internet service provider and can also with the quota pulse (modem). Will, for those of you who want free internet then can use free wifi by using WIFI Device on your laptop.

WiFi also written Wi-fi is a technology that utilizes electronic devices to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) through a computer network, including high-speed Internet connection

But not everybody know”how to enable wifi on laptop”. Therefore, behind this article, we will give tips to you regarding the issue. For those of you who are interested, then follow the steps below.

How to Disable and enable WIFI on laptop?

To enabling your wifi device on laptop is by using the Wifi key on laptop keyboard

This way have to be perform if your computer is Airplane mode status (WIFI OFF). That’s means your computer can’t connected to any Wifi Connection. So, if you want to connect your laptop to any Wifi connection, you must change Airplane mode on become Airplane Mode Off (WIFI ON).

To disable and enable WIFI from keyboard button
  • This way is a very easy and simple way.
  • Look at the keyboard and fine the WIFI key button.
  • If the led button are in orange color, that’s means you are on Airplane mode (WIFI is disable).
enable wifi


  • To enable WIFI connection, and just press once on these button.  And your WIFI is ON
enable wifi


Thus are simple tips and tricks to enable and experience WIFI Device on Laptop. In this tips we are using Windows 8 operating system. But, this tips can be applicable on most all of Windows System. I hope this helps

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