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Know Early Sign of Hypertension, Causes and How To Handle

Often hypertension disease is known as a disorder or problem in blood pressure, which is better known as high blood pressure. Hypertension disease is often already or not easily detected and only realized by the patient after complications occur.

A person can be categorized as having hypertension when blood pressure reaches about 140/90 mmHg (systolic and dyastolic pressure) respectively. This disease can affect anyone regardless of age, both young and adults, especially in people who are elderly.

For the elderly, hypertension as if it is common because it is getting older, the organ function naturally also decreases. Even so, it does not mean hypertension disorders that can not be avoided.



There are tips that can be applied to minimize the potential for blood pressure disorders. Before reviewing further, you should first know the cause of this hypertension.

Causes of Hypertension

The causes of hypertension are quite diverse, and sometimes unconscious, even neglected. However, in general the cause of hypertension is the presence of instability in artery walls. Here are some of the causes of hypertension:

Excessive salt consumption

Consuming excessive amounts of salt can easily settle in the blood vessels. So that the blood vessel wall thickened, and this is what makes the blood channel narrow and cause blood pressure increasingly high.

Smoking habits from a young age

For those of you who have a habit of smoking, should be wary because hypertension so it will be easier to occur than non-smokers. Because the smoke is smoked shed potentially poison the blood. In fact, blood is a means of carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Nicotine substances that exist in cigarettes also play a major role to affect blood vessels, causing a shift. Blood containing nicotine can interfere with the heart’s performance when pumping blood, consequently the heart works harder.

Overweight or obesity

Take care of your diet. Because it is overweight or obesity so one of the causes of hypertension. This obesity condition can affect the renin angiotensin aldosterone system. This tissue serves as a blood volume controller in the body.

This system will be damaged if someone is obese. So the blood that comes out will be more uncontrolled. So the potential for hypertension to be very high.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumed can have an effect on the increase in heart rate. If alcohol consumption continues to be up to 2-3 glasses at a time, then the impact will certainly more and more trigger heart rate is getting higher too. And this can encourage the occurrence of hypertension.

High stress levels

There are many factors that trigger a person experiencing stress. Starting from the issues of life, work, and much more. When experiencing stress, the heart will pump blood faster, and one of the marks is the head of the back is often dizzy.

Age increases and lack of exercise

The increasing age, the function of organs will also naturally decrease. Therefore there needs to be support from the sport to assist organ function.

Elderly people over 60 years are the most hypertensive group. This happens because the increasing age, then the organs, especially blood vessels and the heart often decreased function. Moreover, when coupled with the lifestyle of an unhealthy youth. Then the potential for hypertension is also higher.

Heredity or genetics

The history of hypertension in the family also became one of the causes. No wonder when children from families with a history of hypertension have relatively greater potential for hypertension. But these risk factors can be controlled so as not to arise.

Understand early symptoms and signs of hypertension

By understanding the symptoms of this blood pressure disorder well, then the handling will be more appropriate as well. Then, what kind of early symptoms of hypertension when attacked? Here are the symptoms of hypertension in general:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Irritability or sensitivity
  • Frequent urination
  • The view is dizzy and often blurred
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Quick Tired
  • Vertigo or headaches almost daily

How to Prevent and Handle Hypertension Attacks?

Proper handling due to hypertensive attack will immediately conduct a check to the doctor for further action. So this hypertensive patient can quickly get needed help before it’s too late.

Some tips how to Prevent of Hypertension Attack

Limit consumption of salt and multiply eating vegetables

The salt content is known to bind water. Therefore, salt is often used to preserve food ingredients such as fish, vegetables, and others. For that, the consumption of salt should not be excessive so as not to disrupt the organ system. Normally, the consumption of salt per day is only 1 teaspoon.

So, should consume enough salt, and multiply the consumption of vegetables to live a healthier and more awake from the disorders of the body’s tissue system, one of which hypertension can result in stroke.

Routine sports such as brisk walking (jogging)

Jogging practically sport is not cost. Around the house too, fast road sports can be done. That is, whenever and wherever jogging can do. So there’s no reason not to be jogging for health.

If you do not like jogging, just walk regularly also become a healthy habit. However, walking faster has a greater impact in lowering blood pressure up to 8/6 mmHg. In addition, it also allows oxygen into the heart and makes the heart will be more stable. Do jogging at least once a week to keep your heart and blood pressure stable.

Many consumption of potatoes and bananas

Potatoes and bananas are known to be rich in potassium that can control blood pressure. Therefore, potatoes are also believed to help lower blood pressure. At least, the consumption of potassium in a day takes around 2000-4000 mg to be able to keep blood pressure stable.

Eat Chocolate

The content in chocolate is known to provide a relaxing effect. For that, so that the mind feels lighter, it is better to consume chocolate, especially dark chocolate more cocoa content. This is one way to pamper yourself and enjoy a more relaxed time, thus making the mind calm.

Consumption of supplements

If hypertension has settled and is still not categorized as severe, you should take supplements that are suitable for people with high blood pressure. Supplements that are generally recommended for people with hypertension is co enzyme Q10m, because it is considered to have a maximum impact in lowering blood pressure up to 17 mm / Hg.

In this supplement contains antioxidants that are needed in energy production, which is generally to dilate blood vessels. Even so, in taking this supplement, you need to consult with a doctor.

Have you got health insurance?

No one wants to be sick. Healthy is something that is expensive. For that, maintaining health becomes very important because the cost required for treatment and care is not cheap.

Even so, no one planned when the disease came. That’s life. Things are dynamic, there’s always change. It would be nice to have the readiness to deal with everything well, including when the pain comes attacking.

So, it is fitting you have insurance that protects the health so that the finances are not messy. You also need to pay attention to what the right insurance to choose and according to needs.

Get to know Hypertension early and prevent Bad Impact with Healthy Lifestyle

With regard to the causes of hypertension, at least the risk of developing this blood pressure disorder can be suppressed. Especially by controlling external factors such as consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, unhealthy foods, and lazy exercise. Do not be underestimated hypertensive disorder, which is actually fatal of suffering a stroke. Because, most of these stroke attacks caused by blockage of blood vessels triggered by hypertension. Come on, identify from the beginning and free yourself from hypertension!

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