How to Treat Influenza Naturally, without Drugs Medication

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How to Treat Influenza Naturally, without Drugs Medication

Flue disease or known as influenza is characterized by cough is a disease that most affects humans. It is very closely related to the season or the weather. One person can experience it many times a year. However, there are still many who do not know how to really treat cold flu cough this.

Here, we will tell you some ways of traditional or natural treatment to cope with a cold cough or influenza that you can apply yourself at home. This is a safe and effective way to quickly relieve the symptoms that appear.

Should overcome the symptoms of influenza

Believe it or not, among the symptoms of flu that you think is disturbing is actually a natural healing process and does not need to be treated, even that is proof that the immune system is fighting the disease.

The symptoms of influenza are below:



  • Colds and nasal congestion, this occurs when the flow of blood in the nasal area increases secretions are increased (mucus expenditure). Increased blood flow can warm the infected area and help secretions carry germs out of the body.
  • Cough, this symptom will clear the respiratory tract from the thick mucus that can carry the germs to the lungs and throughout the body.
  • Fever is the body’s way to kill the virus by creating a hotter than normal environment for the virus to feel uncomfortable. In addition, the hot body will make proteins and immune cells killer germs in the blood become faster circulating and work more effectively. So if a mild fever is being maintained for a day or two, it will provide a faster recovery.

Tips and tricks to deal with influenza naturally and traditionally without drugs

Get enough rest

Resting will effectively collect energy to fight disease, including fighting against flu-causing viruses and coughing. Temporarily avoid heavy activity or by the body.

Use Salt solution to Overcome Stuffy Nose

Flushing salt water can help overcome stuffy nose, and fortunately salt liquids can also remove viral and bacterial particles from the nose. This is one of the natural cough cold cough medicine, the following way:

Mix 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces (236 ml) of warm water. Use a nose irrigation spray or kit to spray the solution into the nose. Hold one of the nostrils, covered by applying a light finger pressure while spraying the salt solution that has been made into the other nostrils. Let it flow. Repeat two to three times

Frequently Throwing Snot

It is important to regularly remove the nasal (sideways: Sides) when there is a lot of snot in the nose. It is important to get rid of viruses and possibly bacteria in them. Do it slowly by turns, ie close one nostril and sides, and vice versa.


Gargling with half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 8 ounces of warm water, four times a day, can effectively relieve sore throat and cough that usually accompanies the flu. traditional flu remedies

To reduce itching in the throat, try gargling (or drink it all) with a tannin-containing tea that serves to tighten the membrane (becomes a fit). Or can also use honey and apple cider. This cough cough medicine will be very tasty that can also be taken together for example in a cup of hot tea can be added 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice.

Shower with warm water

Bathing with warm water or steamy warm water will moisturize the nose and can help the muscles become relaxed.

Use eucalyptus oil

A small drop of eucalyptus oil or a menthol oint smeared under the nose may help open the airways. Menthol, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus oil all have light flavored starch ingredients that can help ease the pain in the nose. However, remember! do not dab it too thick and do not rub it in the nasal cavity.

Sleeping with Pillows

High Complaints that are very disturbing for anyone who is a cold is nasal congestion during sleep. Raising the head will help relieve a clogged nose. This can be tricked by putting some pillows in such a way under the head.

Eating Food Fighting Infections

Here are some good foods to eat when someone is battling a cold or flu:

  • Fruit rich in vitamin C, such as guava, oranges, etc. Please read: Source Vitamin C
  • Banana and rice – to soothe stomach and diarrhea
  • Green and black tea – contains catechins, phytochemicals that are said to be natural antibiotics and have anti-diarrhea effects
  • Blueberry – contains natural aspirin, which can reduce fever and help reduce pain
  • Chili – can open the sinuses, and help break down the mucus in the lungs
  • Carrots, which contain beta-carotene
  • Onions – containing recognized phytochemicals can help the body fight infections. Also read: Benefits of garlic

Drink Warm water

At the time of cold flu cough is strongly recommended to consume food and beverages are warm. The warm liquid can relieve nasal congestion, prevent dehydration, and soothe the inflamed membranes that line the nose and throat.

The Simple steps above can treat cold flu cough effectively and safely. But Remember, serious conditions, such as sinus infections, bronchitis, meningitis, sore throat, and asthma, can look like a common cold. If you have severe symptoms or symptoms that do not improve, contact your doctor immediately.

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